MP of the week: Curtis Crowley

Hello, all. I hope you are all in good health and staying safe. This week’s featured missing person is Curtis D. Crowley Jr., a Kansas City, Missouri man who disappeared on May 14, 2003, at the age of 20. He was last seen after he was released from the municipal jail.

After Crowley disappeared, his brother stole his identity, which temporarily confused the police. At first they thought he had been located and that HE might have stolen his BROTHER’S identity, rather than the other way around. Eventually they realized he was still missing. Foul play is suspected in his disappearance, but very little has been released about it.

If still alive, Crowley would be 37 now.

One thought on “MP of the week: Curtis Crowley

  1. Curtis Crowley July 17, 2020 / 8:03 pm

    I am the older brother of curtis crowley,its now july2020,my name is also curtis crowley jr.,our dad had different mothers so I am the original jr.since I was born in 78 and now in my 40s,just to clarify any confusion with the name,I’ve always used and had this name and it’s even spelled that way on my birth certificate.So no one stole or used his name that I am aware as time passes,I would like to know what happened to my brother,if anyone has some information I’d love to hear from ya,anonymously if u wish,I have no interest of prosecutions or any criminal liability in this case,I’m only looking for his bones to be identified,that’s it,so a location is pretty much is all I’m asking for.I can only assume that being poor in low income community in Kansas city,Mo.,that he may have had some affiliation with gangs presumably,since the real world world doesn’t have much to offer to those that prefer to run the streets,and maybe since after I left Kansas city maybe he always felt a way to fill that missing older brother void by running with the older O.G.’s,I have no clue and whoever’s responsible has done a good job in doing the crime by themselves or having another loyal family member to them never speak of what happened.So I’m hoping there’s somebody out there that can give a location to his bones,whether they’re in box buried,or mixed in with cement somewhere,I don’t care,I want his bones found before I leave this earth if possible…my email…….my number 253 228 7641,…home address to send anonymous letter of whereabouts,u don’t have to leave a return name and address,i would love for his spirit to be at ease so mine can be,God will punish those responsible so I’m not worried about an earthly justice.Regardless of whether people think he was just another little gangbanger or what ever,he was loved and still is by me.But to disappear after being released the 1st thing that would be on his mind is to get home and get some real food,but someone didn’t want him making it home,they were waiting,knew his release date,and nobody knows nothing.really?I’m not wasting time or energy on this BS,I just want his bones location,there must be a x girlfriend or someone close to the killer that they ran their mouth off to years ago about doing something to somebody.1769 south 92nd street tacoma,wa.98444 is my address in the Hope’s of recieving a anonymous letter or even close to it,I will not write back to respond unless otherwise asked to,I don’t want to meet anybody,or go to anyone’s house,just a location of my little brothers remains,then il ask property owners for permission to look myself.Just like my brother I’m dirt poor myself and have no reward money to offer or else I would.A clean conscious and forgiveness in my heart is all I can offer,we all do stupid shit especially when were young n dumb.So mr killer(s),would it be too much trouble to send a unmarked,hand typed letter of my brothers remains please.?I’m not trying to find those responsible,were way past that,just the location of the remains please & thank you.

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