MP of the week: Andray Smith. And some updated APs/new pictures

This week’s featured missing person case is Andray Lamont Smith, a 25-year-old black man who disappeared from Warren, Ohio on July 1, 1994. He has a tattoo of a six-pointed star (aka a Star of David) on his right arm, his ears are pierced and he has an appendectomy scar.

Unfortunately that’s all the info I have on him, and it’s hard to even tell what he looked like; not only is his photo poor quality, but it shows him wearing big glasses. If still alive, Andray Smith would be about 50 today.

I’ve updated the age-progression pics for Monica Cassandra Carrasco, Launa Renee Merritt, Alexis S. Patterson and Kathryn Sholly Seefeldt. Acacia Nicole Duvall and Jon Pierre Duvall‘s abductor, their non-custodial father Tyree, has a new photo added to their casefiles. Bekime Elshani, Bianca Elaine Lebron, Chaloe Alonza Long, Doreen Ann Marfeo and Francillon Pierre have additional photos added to their casefiles too.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone. Michael and I are still well and still social distancing.

2 thoughts on “MP of the week: Andray Smith. And some updated APs/new pictures

  1. Patrick Kerrigan April 7, 2020 / 12:55 pm

    In regards to the Chaloe Long case. There should be records in regards to whether it was a paramedic ambulance connected to the City of Philadelphia or a private ambulance.

    The same for what hospital they took her two to. Also, the hospital, should have a record of the when, where and who brought her in. Also, that would hopefully include an initial diagnosis. Also, it is possible she may have walked out or eloped as medical staff refer to it. She could have signed out AMA, or Against Medical Advice.

    I remember at one of the VA’s, that I worked at one of the officers wrote up a missing patient report on a patient, who left the E.R., and had made a threat against then Mayor Daley.

    I had called the Chicago Police, and a couple of their detectives showed up. They looked a little confused when they came to the part, where the officer used the word eloped, instead of saying he left. I had to explain the officer used the terminalology that medical staff used. But, it normally gives us regular people a different idea.

  2. Patrick Kerrigan April 7, 2020 / 6:32 pm

    I came across an article in the Rhode Island Monthly on a Detective Sue Cornier of the Pawtucket Police Department. She established their Cold Case Unit and one for the State if Rhode Island. The article mentions her use of a deck of cards, with a bunch of cold cases on them.

    However, in the comments section is two from a Norman Wayne, in regards to the disappearance if his mother Jeanette Cecile Boucher. It appears she disappeared in 1975, w.hen he was 15, from Pawtucket.

    He was asking for help finding her or a death certificate. It appears he is not sure that she was reported missing. He also posted this on Facebook.

    A quick check did not show anything, except for an obituary for a woman with same name, who died at the age of 96, in West Hartford, CT.

    I was wondering if someone can post a question and see if he can provide more details. If she was not reported missing then he could make a report. But, then he might not know any details.

    A quick assumption is that Mr. Wayne was born in 1960. I would assume that his mother may have been born in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s.

    It would be interesting to search her on Ancestry, but my local library is closed.

    Not saying we can find his mother, but offer him some suggestions on things he can try and check.

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