I’m very sorry

Yeah so I feel worse again. Very tired and horrible nausea whenever I try to eat. I feel so guilty cause I’m so behind in my work but I can’t get anything done.

This morning I made several attempts to call my doctor’s office to make an appointment. Each time the answering robot kept leading me around in circles: I would hear the menu options, press one for “scheduling”, hear elevator music, then instead of anyone coming on the line to schedule me, the robot would read the menu options to me again.

I eventually tried pressing six for “all other inquiries”, hoping I’d reach a human that way, and the robot was like “sorry we didn’t understand that, try again.” So I pressed six again and the robot again insisted it didn’t understand.

So I tried to call the office three times over the course of an hour and each time the same thing happened. I was feeling sooooo bad and soooo frustrated I actually screamed out loud.

I called the local hospital down the street from the doctor’s office, and the nice hospital person patched me through, bypassing the answering robot. I told the doctor’s office lady about how their robot was apparently broken. She didn’t seem to care.

She scheduled me to see the doctor tomorrow. I plan to tell the doctor about the broken robot and apathetic response from the front desk.

I just want to be able to work and eat without feeling like passing out or throwing up.