So I’m not well at the moment

I thought I’d be done with this wretched format update by now and able to return to normal activity but I got sick. I’m not sure what was wrong and I think I’m getting better but still feel pretty bad.

For three days I was unable to keep anything down and lay in bed moaning sipping water and bringing it up again. All I could do was play on my phone and watch TV. Then the nausea seemed to pass but I was so weak from dehydration and malnutrition that it was difficult to walk even. I started the refeeding process with the standard “after you’ve had a tummy sickness” foods such as bananas, applesauce etc.

Then yesterday I felt almost okay and so I ate some spaghetti. I tried to go to my computer and work. I wrote a few blog entries and I did about 200 cases (out of 1500 to go) and then had to stop. My stomach didn’t like my meal and I felt nauseous again and shaky and extremely tired. I returned to bed and slept the rest of the day.

I got up today and have gone back to my desk. I ate some more spaghetti and my stomach accepted it this time but I still don’t feel well. Very shaky. Even harnessing the dog and taking her into the yard to pee makes me feel tired. But I must get this format update done.

I’m on page 622 of 674 pages of cases. At twenty cases per page I have 1,040 cases left to change to the new format.