Adding race/sex to cases, and deep cleaning

So now that the search page includes drop-down menus for both sex and race, I am having to go back over every case and note their sex and race. This won’t show up on the casefiles from your point of view, but unless I’ve made a selection for the race and sex, that case won’t show up if you search by race and sex.

I am also doing a sort of “deep cleaning” as I go: going back and checking to see if the cases are still listed with the source, and purging those who aren’t, since those people have probably been found. I haven’t done a really big purge in forEVER. So far I’ve removed over 200 outdated cases!

Because there are so many cases, it’s taking forever. I would estimate it will take around 48 hours of work total. It is very boring. But it must be done.