So this happened

The cousin of a certain MP contacted me today to say the photo I have of her on Charley, isn’t really her. I was not surprised; I’d previously heard from another source that there were grave doubts about the authenticity of the photo.

I asked the cousin if she had an actual photo of the MP, and she said she did, but didn’t feel comfortable giving it to me, I think because she wasn’t a close relative of the MP. She said MP’s brother would be the person to ask.

So, I asked, could she provide me the MP’s brother’s name?

And instantly she was like “Oh, never mind, I shouldn’t have brought it up, bye.”

I am going to have to remove the MP from Charley, as that photo was the only one I had and it’s actually of someone else. But meanwhile, the fake photo is on NamUs (that’s where I got it from), and god knows where else, and unless someone in the MP’s family steps up, it’s going to stay like that.