Making a FreeThink video

So, about that FreeThink documentary short about the Charley Project — I’m so proud of it, here it is again:

I got contacted by FreeThink on April 1. They came over like a week or so later, three guys: one for camera, one for sound, and a director. They spent two days at the house filming, and paid for my lunch. They were really cool people and I liked them.

Getting filmed is exhausting frankly, and I wasn’t even acting. I was just going about my daily business and/or being interviewed about my favorite topic in the world. I have a much greater appreciation for how hard actors and actresses work.

Like, the scene with me pouring Cheerios. They wanted to show my “morning routine.” Well, some allowances had to be made, because my actual morning routine involves me staggering out into the kitchen with bed hair and pajamas and sleep crud in my eyes and of course no makeup, and I was not willing to be filmed thus. So I was fully dressed, with makeup and hair done nicely. Artistic license!

Then when I initially poured the Cheerios into the bowl they were all like “put them back in the box and do it again, we didn’t get that right.” I was like “okay, but you’d better be sure about things before I pour the milk cause that I cannot do over.”

They used a drone to shoot the footage of me walking Kinsey (she was a good sport, all the pets were) and we went to the library on the second day to shoot “B roll” footage there. I think they must have filmed at least three takes of me walking inside and down that huge hallway.

After all the filming was done it took many weeks for them to edit all the footage and pare it down to the required length, and they asked my opinion of the rough cuts and edited it again. I think it turned out wonderfully.