MP of the week: Leah McKinney

This week’s featured missing person (was too busy to work on it yesterday, sorry) is Leah Dale McKinney, a 21-year-old woman who disappeared from Somerset, Kentucky on January 28 or 29, 2002. That least, she was last heard from then, but she was last seen on January 9.

I don’t know much about the circumstances of her disappearance, unfortunately, but God knows those cases with minimal details need as much attention as those cases that have more.

One thought on “MP of the week: Leah McKinney

  1. Patrick Kerrigan October 3, 2018 / 11:53 pm

    Meaghan, I agree these agencies need to follow-up on these cases and try to fill in the blanks.

    We should know more, such as whether the person was married, divorced, was he or she working, unemployed, have family issues.

    Instead, they have the bare minium on these disappearances.

    I called the Camden Police Dept., on Kireasha Linkhorne, a year ago or more. It appeared that she attended a junior college in New York, and finished her studies at SUNY. She supposedly working in Utica, New York.

    The investigator was somewhat upset that I did not have the full case report number. I kept my mouth shut, but thought are that lazy, to dig through the file cabinets and find the original report.

    I guess it would make too much sense to create a spreadsheet, with basic information on some of their missing and other cases, with the name, type of case and report number.

    I never heard back whether they found her in Utica. But, that was expecting too much.

    Next time, I will do the follow-up and verify it was her. Then go to Camden, find the report and write it up.

    They could get officers on light duty, to go and try to fill more details. But then I was always digging for more information on my cases at the VA.

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