Got a photo dump

Some pictures were added to cases today; taken mainly from Facebook.

  1. Nicole Danielle Engle (five)
  2. Karina Michelle Gaitan (two)
  3. Allean E. Logan (two)
  4. Clinton Devon Nelson (one)
  5. Natanalie Marie Perez (two)
  6. Kirk Quintons (one)
  7. Natasha Marie Shanes (updated age-progression)
  8. Arkadiy Tashman (updated age-progression)
  9. Arend Jacobus Van Der Hoven (one)

Speaking of Facebook, my list of Facebook pages for individual missing persons grows daily.

National Hispanic Heritage Month: Yohannes Arronte-Valdez

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month I’m featuring a Hispanic missing person every day from September 15 to October 15. Today’s case is Yohannes A. Arronte-Valdez, a 28-year-old man who disappeared from Miami, Florida on October 15, 2008. He has a scar on his head.

And…that’s all I’ve got on him, unfortunately. One of those “few details are available” cases.