MP of the week: Stephanie Miles

This week’s featured missing person is Stephanie Gay Miles, a 33-year-old woman last seen in Puyallup, Washington on September 16, 1994. Her car turned up over six months later, in April 1995, when it was towed in Seattle, but I’m not sure if they figured out how long it had been there.

I was supposed to add her yesterday of course, but Michael came home from work unexpectedly early, and stuff happened, and I forgot. I am a poo-head. Mea culpa.

One thought on “MP of the week: Stephanie Miles

  1. marsyao September 5, 2018 / 11:31 am

    She had quite a few civil courts records though details were unknown (unless I pay for the court records), she disappeared in 90’s , Tacoma Washington, could she be one of victims of the Green River Killer Gary Ridgway? But I cannot find any indication that imply she was a sex worker, so that was unlikely

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