I think I might have set a record for “smallest part of a person recovered”

I found out the other day that they discovered an itty bitty piece of Richard William Moss‘s body: a single vertebra (one of the sections of your spine) not far from where his car turned up a little over a year ago.

I think this is the smallest partial remains recovered where I resolved a case. I have a case up where they found a woman’s finger, but you can easily live without that.

Frankly I’m surprised they found even that much of Moss. He accidentally ran his car off a cliff in coastal California known as the Devil’s Slide in May 2017, but the accident wasn’t witnessed and no one realized what had happened until July. The rest of him has presumably been claimed by the ocean.

Moss isn’t the only person on Charley who met his end at the Devil’s Slide. In 1945, a 14-year-old girl named Thora Chamberlain was murdered and thrown off there. They never found her body, only her socks, wedged in the cliff face. Her murderer was identified, confessed and was executed.

Technical problems, please stand by

So M and I are having a bit of an internet issue at the moment. We are behind on our bill due to a car repair, but they promised not to suspend our account if we promised to pay in full on the fifth.

Instead something weird is happening: I can access some sites but not others, and I can access pages on my cell phone that I can’t access on Orville. Like, I can go to Google and Facebook on my PC, but a visit to Papajohns.com prompts a referral to my internet provider telling me to pay the bill. But I can access Papajohns.com on my cell phone. Meanwhile, the streaming apps on TV aren’t working at all. Shrug. And last night I couldn’t access Charleyproject.org but now I can.

I tried calling the service provider but they won’t tell me anything cause my name is not on the account. Shrug.

Hope this gets fixed soon and I can resume updates.