ET: Not John Montgomery

Another Executed Today entry I wrote, this one about John Montgomery, who cheated the hangman by taking prussic acid the night before he was supposed to be hanged for counterfeiting. The hangman had to be satisfied with just hanging William Rice, a thief, instead.

This was in the days of Britain’s Bloody Code, when just about every offense from shoplifting on up was punishable by hanging.


MP of the week: Charles Radice

This week’s featured missing person (which I didn’t do yesterday cause I was at an early Independence Day thing) is Charles Anthony Radice, a 76-year-old World War II veteran who disappeared from Lancaster, California on May 15, 1995.

Curiously, his adult grandson, whom he lived with, didn’t bother to report him missing. Sounds pretty sketchy to me, but I don’t know much else about it, so who knows what happened there.