Pride Month: Naum Mendez

In honor of Pride Month I’m featuring a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer missing person every day for the month of June. Today’s case is Naum Rafael Mendez, a 33-year-old man who disappeared from Boca Raton, Florida on February 1, 2008.

Naum was, I think, bisexual — the casefile notes he had a wife and kids in Mexico but had a job dancing at a nightclub in drag and had a relationship with at least one man, Juan Carlos Atenco Camacho.

Atenco Camacho pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Naum’s case in 2012. His body was never found.

One thought on “Pride Month: Naum Mendez

  1. Patrick Kerrigan June 19, 2018 / 10:28 pm

    I was searching someone on-line and came across a Laverne Thomas, a F/B, (35), from England.

    It appears she left England to hook up with a guy who she met online. She went to New York City, sometime in 2014.

    It appears things did not work out and she most likely is homeless. The notice was on something called the Lucie Blackman Trust, which mission is to support British victims overseas.

    I don’t if she was reported missing to NYPD. I sent the Trust an email to determine if she was reported missing.

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