Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Hiep Luu

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I am profiling one Asian or Pacific Islander MP for every day of the month of May. Today’s case is Hiep T. Luu, a 21-year-old Vietnamese immigrant who disappeared from Berwyn, Illinois on December 15, 2003.

Luu had moved to the U.S. in the 1990s and was living with his parents, sisters and brother-in-law. He was last seen when he left home to drive to work. He never arrived and was never heard from again.

I don’t have much information on this case, but as his car is missing also, I have to wonder if he got into an accident of some kind. Driving conditions in the midwest in the wintertime can be rather horrible. It’s a forty-minute drive from Berwyn to Woodridge, the town where his job was, and I note several forest preserves dotting the area. I wonder how thoroughly these have been searched.

2 thoughts on “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Hiep Luu

  1. Patrick Kerrigan May 28, 2018 / 1:57 pm

    I find it interesting that he attended Senn High School and then Truman Junior College, which are located on the far north and north side of Chicago. Then is living in the famous western suburb of “Berwyn”, when he disappears.

    I will have to look at the geography of the route from Berwyn to his job site. Their are forest preserves. But, it bugs me that on many missing person cases that the vehicle has not been recovered.

  2. Patrick Kerrigan May 29, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    It depends on where his family lived in Berwyn. He could have taken the outbound I-290 to westbound Roosevelt Road. Then he could have picked up Route 83 south to 75th Street and west to Woodridge.

    He could have taken Harlem Avenue south to I-55 and then to the correct exit that took him close to his job in Woodridge.

    He also could taken I-290 to the Tristate Tollway I-294 to I-55 and then to correct exit.

    All of these routes are heavily travelled and if something happened along the way it would have been spotted.

    Also, with the Cook County Forest Preserves, between the visitors and their police his vehicle should have been found by now.

    But, it would be nice to know what route he took. Also a number of vehicles have been recovered from the Cal-Sag Channel and the Sanitary Ship Canal over the years. Some of them dumped there.

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