MP of the week: Andrea Durham

This week’s featured missing person is Andrea D’Anne Durham, a 13-year-old girl who disappeared from Fort Walton Beach, Florida on February 1, 1990.

She was considered a runaway at the time, and perhaps that’s actually what happened, but she’s been missing for 28 years now — more than twice as long as she had been alive before. And if she did run away she did so without taking her purse, makeup or extra clothes.

I’ve got Andrea’s mom’s phone number listed as well as law enforcement for a contact.

6 thoughts on “MP of the week: Andrea Durham

  1. crimeblogger1983 April 12, 2018 / 11:23 am

    As Spock would say “Fascinating”. Will need to add this to my list. Nice and Thank You.

  2. Patrick Kerrigan April 12, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    That’s an intrestting comment in regards to Andea’s case. Off course Spock was very laid back for his background. Andre was both a lookout and nice kid at the same time. I wonder if la enforcement actually visited her home, to make a visual inspection. It appears odd to leave all clothes behind if running away.

    I wonder if they looked at any of her fellow associates involved in stealing from the cars. Who knows what they graduated into. Also I assume her parents were divorced, since their is no mention of her father. Just mom and a sister leaving her behind like Cinderella to vacuum.

  3. Jennifer Ford October 30, 2018 / 11:35 pm

    I Was a childhood friend of Andrea and I still know her mother today. Andrea DID NOT RUNAWAY!!!! She would not of done that to her mother. Her older sister had ran away out of rebellion several months prior. Me and Andrea talked about how upset her mother was and she could not understand why her sister would put their mother threw that. Both Andrea and her older sister had a close bond with mother! I told the police and her mother this back in 1990 and still believe today that someone kidnapped her. A few months prior to her disappearance we had an issue with a man in a gray mustang following us home from school. He was watching us and made us both feel very uncomfortable. After seeing him a few times around the school I watched to see if he was picking up another child. He never did and seemed more interested in me and Andrea. One day he was extremely close to were we walked behind the school parked in the woods with his window down like he was trying to talk to us. I became very defensive and started yelling at him to stop watching us and looking at us like a fucking a perv. His face was emotionless and he just nodded his head at me. Then we saw him coming down the road after us. We took off running to a local store near by were my older sister worked. We asked for help and told my sister what had happened. She dropped us off and picked us up from school for several weeks afterwards. During the weeks after our encounter with that weird man we would find instant Polaroid pictures of a man half naked and sometimes naked out in the parking lot in front of Andreas apartment. I lived in the complex next door and we often hung out together until I moved to another town 45 mins away. Within a matter of weeks after I moved Andrea disappeared. I have always wondered if that guy in the mustang had something to do with her going missing? I think if Andrea had ran away that she would of at least stayed in touch with her friends like most runaway do. But none of our friends ever heard from her again… I went around to all our friends and people that we went to school with asking if anyone had talked to her, if anyone had saw her or knew anything. The only thing I heard about after she disappeared was some high school kids had been running around in some old trailers and found a pair of shoes similar to a pair Andrea had. A police officer talked to me and our other friends about it. We never knew Andrea to hang out there or around the strange (satanic/ gothic) guys who found the shoes in the abandoned trailers. I hope that somehow she is still alive out there and perhaps she will be able to one day reach out to her mother or sister!!! But I know the reality is that she is probably gone and one day she will be found and given a proper final resting place! The town we lived in is a tourist and military town. There were a lot of people who were just vacationing or stationed on one of the bases temporarily that might of been of concern. I think a person like that had something to do with disappears. The weird guy I mentioned earlier had military base stickers on his windshield for the local Air Force base. He was young athletic and had short hair like a military man would. Its a parents worse nightmare to have something like this happen!!! And to think what my dear sweet friend Andrea might of had to endure is unthinkable!!! I hope the person who took her has gotten punished by charma somehow and that we someday have the answers and closure to what happened to Andrea!!! She was a great childhood friend, a good kid for the most part and had goals for her future like becoming a competitive tennis player and attending college. She was beautiful, smart and had a bright future!!!

  4. Melinda August 10, 2019 / 4:25 pm

    This case is very odd indeed. I knew people who lived in Ft. Walton Beach back then, and they remember when she vanished (from the news) although they never knew her.
    I was 6 years old in 1990 when this happened, but I recall my mother telling me that I needed to be very careful and never open the door to anyone, not even people we knew, unless she was at home.

    My theories on what could have happened to Andrea are as follows:

    1. Andrea was abducted by somebody she knew and trusted. This would have been a person that she felt comfortable with opening the door to while her mom was gone. Most likely a person who seemed “nice” and would never be suspected of wanting to hurt her. This is my strongest hunch, that it was somebody she was familiar with.
    This person could have been a close family friend or even a relative. If we look at this theory, it would have probably been a very well-planned crime.

    2. Andrea could have been abducted by a neighbor. Again, this would have been somebody who seemed harmless. Maybe he (or she) watched her for a while without anyone knowing and waited for the moment when they knew she would be alone at home. This person could have had a way to lure her out of the apartment (“would you like to see my new kittens?” or something like that)…which would explain why the door was left unlocked and there was no forced entry or sign of a struggle. Andrea would have thought she would just be gone for a few minutes and that’s why she didn’t lock the door. This person would most likely fit the profile of a sex offender who lived in the same building or apartment complex. They would probably seem polite and friendly with no outward hint of anything evil about them. Sadly, in this scenario, they most likely killed her within hours of taking her, and her remains would have been disposed of in Florida’s waters or swamps.

    3. Mark Riebe and William Wells…their names have come up as possible suspects, although there is no real proof that they had anything to do with Andrea’s disappearance.
    I’m not sure why or how they would have been involved despite their shared history of violence against women. They are both bad dudes who have kidnapped/murdered women, but Andrea seems like an unlikely victim for these two. I could be wrong but I think her case is more a crime of opportunity by someone she knew.

    4. A possible suspect whom I can only identify by his initials, GSP…based on what I read in a Florida news article where Andrea’s mom felt like he could have been responsible.
    This man lived in the area in 1990 and in 1991, he abducted a girl who was around the same age as Andrea and held her captive, raping her repeatedly.
    She was later returned to her family. Andrea’s mom thought it could have been him based on his sexual crimes against children and the fact that he had a tattoo that said “Andrea”. He claimed that the tattoo was the name of an ex-girlfriend, not Andrea Durham.

    5. A stranger who could have simply been looking for the opportunity to snatch a kid, so they went knocking on random doors until somebody opened up.
    Back then, it was not unusual for this to happen. It reminds me of the Anthonette Cayedito case in 1986. The person would have had some ruse to get her to come outside or for him/her to come inside.
    Although Andrea was 13 and probably aware of “stranger danger”, she most likely did not see this person as a threat for some reason.

    Disclaimer: these are just theories, nothing more. I believe that any of these scenarios are possible. I also apologize if anyone finds this offensive.
    It’s purely speculation as to what could have happened to her. Sadly, I believe that she has been deceased for a long time and the person responsible has never been caught.
    I read that her mom thought she was in some town called Wauwatosa, Wisconsin because there was a supposed sighting, but nope…it wasn’t Andrea.
    I think some sick person took her and harmed her and we may never know the truth. But if by chance she is still out there, I hope her family will be reunited with her.

  5. Melinda August 10, 2019 / 4:29 pm

    All this to say that I don’t believe she ran away from home at all. Her case should not have been treated as a runaway situation by the police.

  6. Cherish I Benson October 18, 2020 / 7:42 pm

    I’m not sure if anybody will ever read this but there is somebody who lives in an apartment complex and he still lives there and I have ties to this person and throughout the years this case and him have really bothered me I would like to know if he was or wasn’t involved.

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