Orville is in the computer hospital

I have taken Orville off to the computer hospital. It may be a few days before he can get repaired cause they’re super busy now. The power supply is shot and needs replaced. That’s a less expensive issue than the motherboard, at least.

I’m writing this on my cell phone. I’ll just have to read or something for two or three days. I’ll survive. Get well soon, Orville!

So the computer is broken

So we had a power outage and now Orville won’t boot up again. I called up the computer hospital where Computer Guru Jamie works. He’s not there right now. Will be back in half an hour.

The lady told me this was not a problem they could fix over the phone and I’d have to bring him in. At 3:30 I will call again and see if I can convince Jamie to come here instead. He’s Michael’s friend and comes over often anyway.

I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive repair. As this falls under the purview of Charley Project expenses — I don’t use the computer for much else — any donations would be appreciated.