Recommended Reading III

So I found this two-and-a-half-year-old blog about the 1978 disappearance of Christopher William Vigil, a nine-year-old whom I assumed had simply gotten lost while hiking with his family in the Poudre Canyon in Colorado.

Having looked at this blog, however, Chris’s case is starting to look more and more like an abduction. I have dutifully updated his casefile with info from the blog, but invite readers to have a look at the source, which has more details.

Make-a-List Monday: Irish people

So it’s March, and St. Patrick’s Day is soon, and I thought I’d do this list of Charley Project MPs who are from Ireland. There are a lot of Irish immigrants to the US, even now.

  1. Kieran Burke: not an immigrant but a tourist who disappeared on a trip to Yosemite National Park
  2. Patrick J. Fitzpatrick: assume he’s an immigrant because it says he has an Irish accent
  3. Micheal Fergus Griffin
  4. John Lawrence McMeel: again, it says he has an Irish accent so I assume he’s from there
  5. Kieran A. Murphy and his wife Ornaith Murphy
  6. Hugh Martin Nolan
  7. John Patrick Rowan Jr.
  8. Daniel Gerard Ryan

Bonus cases:

  1. Stephen Joseph Davaris traveled to Ireland AFTER his disappearance and probably met his death there. A sad case.
  2. Annie Bridget McCarrick was an American who emigrated to Ireland and disappeared there. A former IRA member is actually a suspect in her disappearance.