Further progress report

All the cases from A through J are done; I’m working on K now. Also done are O, Q and U through Z.

I want to mention again the wonderful search engine that exists now. Maybe Preston should make the link to it a little more prominent on the frontpage, cause it seems people never bother to look for anything these days. If it’s not right in front of their faces they assume it isn’t there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to be like “scroll the heck down” or “it’s on the FAQ.”


All is well with me. Better than well, even. I mentioned awhile back that I was taking a new medication, and it’s done me a world of good. I’m literally better than I ever have been. I could almost pass for a normal person without any mental illness or pervasive developmental disorder at all!

Michael is doing well too. He got me an absolutely wonderful early Valentine’s Day present: a genuine Order of the Rebirth of Poland medal, which he found in an antique shop. And as this medal was given in 1944, according to the date on the back, there’s a change it was awarded to someone for fighting Nazis.

I shall keep it in a safe place and treasure it. Given my interest in Polish history, it’s a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

So I will continue this conversion and I don’t have many letters left now to go. Soon all the casefiles will be done and I can resume updating. I can’t wait.

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