General stuff on my end

Some unexpected — but awesome — things have happened as a result of the Longreads article that came out a few days ago. I don’t want to say anything more because nothing may come of it.

I’m working on hammering out the dents etc. on the new website format. Right now, my priority is re-adding the cases that mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth. Then I will focus on re-adding the details of disappearance to cases where that information vanished off the face of the earth. This is a pain and is taking awhile but I shall prevail.

I have a new Executed Today entry, one I had agonized over for quite awhile and am very proud of. The reason being that the executed person was almost certainly transgender, but this all happened in the 1940s before most people knew transgender was a thing. I wanted to do right by her/him without playing down the seriousness of the crime.

Anyway, back to work.

Some updates/clarification on this revamp thing

  1. Some people seem to be under the impression that the geographical, chronological and geographic lists of cases no longer exist. They are still there. Slightly buggy at the moment, but they do exist, and you can find the links to them on your PC browsers and mobile devices if you scroll the heck down.
  2. As I said previously, Preston Winfrey is going to make a cool search engine such as Charley has never had before. At present you can only search by name. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. In cases where I don’t have a date of birth, the ages have disappeared from the case information. This will be corrected.
  4. A few cases have mysteriously vanished, I don’t know why, but they will be restored.

Still working out kinks, sanding rough edges, applying polish etc.

It’s out! It’s out it’s out!

The long-awaited Longreads article has finally been published! View it here: The Encyclopedia of the Missing. I think it’s great.

And now no more for lack of time. I’m going to have a celebratory lunch with a friend and then I will resume sanding down the edges of this new upgraded website. All the cases between “Johnson” and “Juarez” mysteriously vanished in the file transfer, but I’ll have them back up.

Pardon the dust

Yeah, so things have changed over at Charley and…um…all the previous links to casefiles and suchlike no longer work. The casefiles are still there, mind, it’s just the the URLs have changed.

There will be some more changes in the future. A better search, for example. At the moment you can only search for names, but soon there should be a cool search thingy where you can search for all sorts of stuff. Like, say, if you’re trying to match a UID with a tattoo of an eagle, with the upcoming search thingy you should be able to search for “eagle” JUST in the distinguishing characteristics. Etc.

Right now all the photos — including the ones not of the MP — are clustered at the top. This will change also.

As Preston Winfrey said, “Consider this version 1.0 but we have more possibilities.” Other changes may occur in future days, to be announced.

Erica Parsons autopsy results released

The authorities have released the results of Erica Parsons’s autopsy. There are several articles available about this, but this link actually includes the autopsy report itself.

In a nutshell: because they were working with skeletal remains and several bones were missing, they were unable to determine the precise cause of death, but this was obviously a homicide and indications are that Erica suffered horribly before dying.

To go into more detail: Erica had one tooth that had been knocked out, and another was cracked. She had fractures to her nasal bones, nine rib fractures, one arm fracture and a finger fracture. The fractures were mostly in various stages of healing, but there were four unhealed fractures to her spine and one unhealed rib fracture. This is suggestive of “multiple blunt force injuries over a prolonged period.”

There was also “low bone mineral density” and “growth deficit” suggestive of malnutrition.

The autopsy report notes that, “In the week prior to her 2011 disappearance, siblings described her as looking gray with sunken eyes, smelling bad with open, oozing cuts, very weak and complaining of not being able to breathe.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Erica, like Peter Kema, died after her poor battered body got an infection she wasn’t able to fight. And of course her so-called family didn’t bother to ever take her to the doctor.

This kid was tortured. And we all know who did it, but no one has been charged in her death.

Please stand by

Preston Winfrey, the guy who’s going to upgrade Charley, is doing just that at the moment. I’m not sure what he’s up to exactly because I don’t know squat about these things. It shouldn’t take too long. That’s why I haven’t updated these last few days; I don’t want to mess anything up until he’s done doing whatever it is he’s doing.

MP of the week: Manuel Estrada

This week’s featured missing person is Manuel Enrique Estrada, a 79-year-old recent immigrant to the U.S. (from what county, I don’t know) who disappeared from Chino, California on September 18, 2012. He apparently just left the house one day, perhaps for one of the long walks he liked to take, and never returned. He didn’t suffer from dementia or anything like that, but I don’t have much on this case.

Make-a-List Monday: Possible Green River victims

Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River Killer, was definitely responsible for 49 murders, but it’s likely he committed more than that. His enormous plea deal, where he pleaded guilty to 48 counts of murder (he was convicted of a 49th) was in King County, Washington. Any crimes he would have committed outside of King County did not apply, and if they were able to prove he committed other murders outside the county, he could face the death penalty.

Sensibly, Ridgway hasn’t admitted to any. But there are quite a few missing and murdered women outside of King County, but in the same general area, that seem to fit the profile of the Green River killings. I thought I’d make a list of the ones on Charley.

I’m not including the confirmed victims who are still missing. This list is probably incomplete; it’s based mostly on my own subjective judgment.

  1. Laronda Marie Bronson
  2. Rhonda Louise Burse
  3. Pollyanne Jean Carter
  4. Margaret Elaine Diaz
  5. Linda Louise Jackson
  6. Patricia Ann LeBlanc
  7. Kase Ann Lee
  8. Keli Kay McGinness
  9. Cora Christmas McGuirk
  10. Doris Lavonne Mulhern
  11. Patricia Anne Osborn
  12. Roseann Marie Stone Pleasant
  13. Louise Marie Sanders
  14. Kristi Lynn Vorak
  15. Darci Renae Warde

A word about purging

In a previous entry I made reference to “purging outdated cases” as part of the ginormous overhaul I had undertaken on the Charley Project as of late. Some people don’t seem to know what I meant by that, so I thought I’d explain.

Purging is something I do on a regular basis, though usually not to the extent that I have done lately. What I mean is this: the case has been removed from the source database (be it NamUs, CDOJ, whatever) and I can find no evidence that the individual is still missing, so I have to assume they aren’t, and I remove the case from the Charley Project accordingly.

I certainly don’t want to keep no-longer-missing people listed as missing on Charley. On top of it being inaccurate information, it can cause a lot of problems for those people, and they, understandably, tend to get really annoyed if they find out. This is the kind of thing that can keep them from getting jobs, or even get them fired from jobs they already have. I don’t wan’t to interfere with their privacy.

Carl Koppelman keeps some kind of spreadsheet of MPs listed on the Charley Project, I think for people trying to match MPs with unidentified remains, and whenever I purge a case or a string of cases, I pass the names on to him so he can take them off his spreadsheet.

So what’s what I meant by purging, and that’s what I meant by outdated. By outdated I DON’T mean that the case is really old and inactive, I mean that there’s about a 95 to 99 percent chance the person has been located.

Finished at last!

I finished with all that tableting this afternoon. I’ve purged loads of outdated cases — over 120 just from California — and corrected typos and errors all over the place. I had taken a break from both adding new cases and resolving them until all this was over. The recent updates shown in the updates section attest to that. Now I can resume normal work again. I’m ready to go.