Progress report

Yeah, so all the cases for A, B, O, Q, U, V, X, Y and Z are totally done. I’ve also done probably a few hundred cases in other letters of the alphabet.

All those little girls who disappeared from the San Francisco Bay area where Timothy Bindner was a suspect are all done. The Green River victims are done, as are Bundy’s victims, and Mack Ray Edwards’s victims, the Clinton Avenue Five, etc. Also, anyone with the name “Brandon” or “Brandy/Brandi.”

When cases are connected, I fix them up all at once. And if I search for a name or part of a name and more cases pop up than the one I was specifically looking for, I do them all. Like, there’s a guy with the last name “Brand” and I searched for “Brand” to fix up his case, and in addition to him, up popped up all the people named Brandon or Brandi or Brandy. So I did those too.

I’ve been using lidocaine patches and Advil and somehow my back has not given out yet.

This is all my fault, really. A large part of the reason I didn’t want to upgrade the website before is because I knew how much work would be required to convert every single case to the new format. So I stalled…and the Charley Project got bigger…and now that I finally HAVE upgraded, I’ve got *checks* 9,898 cases to switch over.

Nothing to do but power through.