There’s a current-age thingy now

Y’all might have noticed that now, in cases where there’s a date of birth available, the computer automatically calculates what the MP’s current age would be.

It’s kind of eerie for me. Like, I was touching up Breiton Ackerman‘s casefile and noticed: my god, this kid would be 18 now. Graduating high school, off to college or the workforce or the Army or wherever life would have taken him. But instead he’s four forever.

We have an age section! We have paragraphs!

I had been having a problem where whenever I added a new case or updated an old one, all the paragraph breaks in the “details of disappearance” vanished and it became a solid block of text. Obviously this was problematic, particularly in the more detailed cases.

Preston has fixed it. He has also added an “age” thing. And guess who has to go and add everyone’s ages? *raises hand*

I’m plugging away, and trying not to throw my back out (again) in the process.

More general stuff

  1. Yes, I know that in many cases the dates of birth are missing. I’m working on that.
  2. I’ve asked Preston to add an “age” section so I can put in the age for cases where I don’t have the date of birth. I’ve also asked him to change it so, where there is a date of birth, the computer calculates the age at time of disappearance instead of the current age.
  3. I’ve added all those J cases that totally disappeared — I think, anyway. All the ones I’m aware of.
  4. I’m now working on adding the vanished “details of disappearance” and birthdates to the cases where they’re missing.
  5. I’m working on this as fast as I can. Preston has actual paying clients as well, though, so he will get round to his end when he gets to it.