Some updates/clarification on this revamp thing

  1. Some people seem to be under the impression that the geographical, chronological and geographic lists of cases no longer exist. They are still there. Slightly buggy at the moment, but they do exist, and you can find the links to them on your PC browsers and mobile devices if you scroll the heck down.
  2. As I said previously, Preston Winfrey is going to make a cool search engine such as Charley has never had before. At present you can only search by name. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. In cases where I don’t have a date of birth, the ages have disappeared from the case information. This will be corrected.
  4. A few cases have mysteriously vanished, I don’t know why, but they will be restored.

Still working out kinks, sanding rough edges, applying polish etc.

It’s out! It’s out it’s out!

The long-awaited Longreads article has finally been published! View it here: The Encyclopedia of the Missing. I think it’s great.

And now no more for lack of time. I’m going to have a celebratory lunch with a friend and then I will resume sanding down the edges of this new upgraded website. All the cases between “Johnson” and “Juarez” mysteriously vanished in the file transfer, but I’ll have them back up.

Pardon the dust

Yeah, so things have changed over at Charley and…um…all the previous links to casefiles and suchlike no longer work. The casefiles are still there, mind, it’s just the the URLs have changed.

There will be some more changes in the future. A better search, for example. At the moment you can only search for names, but soon there should be a cool search thingy where you can search for all sorts of stuff. Like, say, if you’re trying to match a UID with a tattoo of an eagle, with the upcoming search thingy you should be able to search for “eagle” JUST in the distinguishing characteristics. Etc.

Right now all the photos — including the ones not of the MP — are clustered at the top. This will change also.

As Preston Winfrey said, “Consider this version 1.0 but we have more possibilities.” Other changes may occur in future days, to be announced.