A word about purging

In a previous entry I made reference to “purging outdated cases” as part of the ginormous overhaul I had undertaken on the Charley Project as of late. Some people don’t seem to know what I meant by that, so I thought I’d explain.

Purging is something I do on a regular basis, though usually not to the extent that I have done lately. What I mean is this: the case has been removed from the source database (be it NamUs, CDOJ, whatever) and I can find no evidence that the individual is still missing, so I have to assume they aren’t, and I remove the case from the Charley Project accordingly.

I certainly don’t want to keep no-longer-missing people listed as missing on Charley. On top of it being inaccurate information, it can cause a lot of problems for those people, and they, understandably, tend to get really annoyed if they find out. This is the kind of thing that can keep them from getting jobs, or even get them fired from jobs they already have. I don’t wan’t to interfere with their privacy.

Carl Koppelman keeps some kind of spreadsheet of MPs listed on the Charley Project, I think for people trying to match MPs with unidentified remains, and whenever I purge a case or a string of cases, I pass the names on to him so he can take them off his spreadsheet.

So what’s what I meant by purging, and that’s what I meant by outdated. By outdated I DON’T mean that the case is really old and inactive, I mean that there’s about a 95 to 99 percent chance the person has been located.