More tableting

As I said earlier, in preparation for the site getting re-vamped and modernized, I’m going through every case and purging outdated ones and correcting typos and updating as I go. I’m onto western cases now and have checked out everything except two states, except New Mexico and California. (California has over 2,000 cases to look at. Eep!) I run down the lists on my tablet, and any case that needs attention I add to the browser’s reading list. Then I take the tablet to Orville and begin work.

I’ve purged scores of cases, as Carl Koppelman can attest to.

And my checking all these cases for updates has yielded quite a bit of information, as my recent updates indicate. One of my “few details are available” cases got a huge injection of details yesterday, suggesting a self-proclaimed serial killer whom I’d never heard of before might have been involved.

(A kind of amusing detail about the DiCicco case: NamUs said he disappeared from Kalispell, Montana, but an article I found from a California newspaper said something about him working in Columbia Falls, Idaho. I went to Google Maps to see how far these two cities were apart, and discovered there was no such city as Columbia Falls, Idaho! There was, however, a Columbia Falls, Montana. I chalked the Idaho thing up to a mistake. Good thing I was curious enough to go to Google Maps or I’d have had Dwayne DiCicco working in a town that didn’t exist.)

In a case I will update today, I found out someone made a documentary about the case, and the movie’s website has some police notes about the disappearance.

But oh, how I am sick of doing this by now. I wish I was done already.