What about this headline?

Eight years ago I wrote a blog entry about potentially problematic headlines for articles about missing persons and crime victims. That is, headlines that point out info about the MP or suspect that might be seen as shaming them. I was reminded of this entry cause I just found another such headline:

Police seek missing cross-dresser from Jennings

I’m inclined to let this headline go. The fact that Eddie Johnson was a cross-dresser was news to me until I saw the article. And he was, apparently, wearing a woman’s kind of wig when he disappeared, though I can’t tell from the clothing description whether they were women’s clothes or not. The inevitable┬ápossibility is that he was the victim of a hate crime and that’s why he’s missing.

That’s all.

So I’m “tableting” now

The last month or so I’ve been going through all the cases on Charley using my tablet. I have finished the eastern and midwestern cases and have done all but Texas on the southern cases page; the western cases, the biggest geographical category of all, has yet to be touched.

This is something I can do whenever, like if I’m watching TV with Michael or something. Prop up my tablet in my lap, go down the list, check out each casefile. And depending on what I see, I might add the case to my tablet browser’s “reading list” for future reference once I return to Orville.

So when I see typos leaping out at me (gah, “indicatted” for “indicted”, I winced), or some other obvious mistake, or if I think maybe I need to check and make sure this case is still active, or I think maybe there’s been an update and I need to check, the case goes on the “reading list.” Then eventually I take my tablet to Orville and start going down the reading list and taking appropriate actions.

Those resulted in yesterday’s updates for example. The reading list is in alphabetical order by the meta title of the page; that is, it goes in order by first name. That’s why everyone who got updated yesterday had a name beginning with A through D. (Except Luis Contreras. I was looking up updates on another case and found some additional info for him.) They were also all from the south, cause I’m doing the southern states at the moment.

I’m still in the D first names for the southern states, and I just found a really awesome update for a case today. It turns out the MP’s local paper did a whole six-part series on his disappearance, where they interviewed the cops and his relatives and all his friends, and I found a lot of information. It’s a strange case more by what isn’t there than what is — this guy seems to have just dropped off the face of the earth.