AP/DOB dump

I’ve got some updated APs and added dates of birth for you.


  1. Amir Kareem Abdou
  2. Gunnar D. Berg
  3. Kianna Berg
  4. Celina Janette Mays
  5. Brooklinn Felyxia Miller
  6. Suzanne Elizabeth Streeter

DOBs (thanks, Justin, as always!):

  1. Sandy Todd Canipe
  2. Josette Cox
  3. Nancy Eileen Strohmeyer
  4. Woodie Earl Thompson
  5. Georgina Ellen Ujczak

And siblings Acacia Nicole Duvall and Jon Pierre Duvall have a new AP added for their abductor dad.

One thought on “AP/DOB dump

  1. Karen September 25, 2017 / 7:48 pm

    Thanks for updating Sheryl Tillinghast’s casefile. Many people think she was located dead in 1988, but unfortunately no DNA or dentals are available for her, so no comparison can be made yet.


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