New photos and APs

New APs:

  1. Chloie Rhianna Leverette
  2. Rachel Ann Hofberg
  3. Daniel A. Naylor
  4. Nicolas Marcel Santin
  5. Ellisya Santoso
  6. Soomaiiah Jalaaluddeen Quariishi
  7. Rylan Alakai Untalasco
  8. Ligia Miranda Uribe-Ramos
  9. Michelle Ileana Uribe-Ramos
  10. Tiffany Rose Warrington

New pictures:

  1. Pegye Jann Bechler
  2. Jana Carpenter-Koklich

I also found out Jersey Arnett‘s date of birth, via the NCMEC. She was a month older than I’d thought.

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