Flashback Friday: Wayne Hickman

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Wayne W. Hickman, who disappeared from Missoula, Montana on October 1, 1985. He was 27 years old. Hickman was going to hitchhike to the town of Superior, which Google Maps says is about an hour from Missoula, to have a look at a pickup truck that was for sale. I don’t know if he ever arrived there.

I have to wonder about possible foul play here, especially if Hickman was carrying a large amount of cash to buy the truck with. Perhaps he got picked up by the wrong person. But I don’t have much on the case.

One thought on “Flashback Friday: Wayne Hickman

  1. fyrwokr September 3, 2017 / 1:43 am

    Was looking again at this case just a few days ago. Superior is about 58 miles from Missoula. The terrain is heavy timber, steep hills,deep canyons, and the Clark Fork river runs with the highway. Hitchhiking was still quite popular around Missoula even then. I feel like there was foul play – someone picked him up – figured he had the money on him and dumped him somewhere up one of the many roads that take off from the freeway . I have never been able to find any other information on this case.

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