2 thoughts on “Another AP dump

  1. terromangerro August 28, 2017 / 3:31 pm

    I can’t help thinking that Shy’Kemmia and Asha Degree are connected somehow. They are almost identical physically, it’s striking how similar they are. The previous AP for Shy’Kemmia looked very similar to Asha’s, enough that I thought they looked like sisters. I had mentioned the similarities to a woman who has a blog about Asha, and she eventually told me that there might be a suspect with connections to both areas (the girls vanished in two different states). She also has a really interesting theory about what happened to Asha, and she has a ton of info on her blog as well. I think you can find it by searching “finding Asha Degree”, that might even be the name of the site.

  2. M February 13, 2022 / 10:04 pm

    Melanie Melanson…I believe the boys she met up with may have done something to her that night. Possibly a gang rape and then murder. Just a feeling I have based on the details of the case.

    Tamara Porrin…this can be two possibilities, IMO. I think that either she left home and met with foul play at the hands of a serial killer or another bad person, or (please, no one attack me for saying this) it might have been her parents.
    I say that it might be the parents because her sister hinted that things at home were extremely toxic. According to her sister, Tammy was a habitual runaway and missed school often. She also said that Tammy fought a lot with their mom, more than just the typical problems that happen during the teen years.
    After Tamara disappeared for the last time, the parents told the siblings to “forget about her” and the mom said she didn’t want to know Tamara’s whereabouts.

    That doesn’t sound like a loving statement from concerned parents. She may have been a handful, but it sounds like the home was not a healthy place.
    If a kid constantly runs away, that can indicate serious problems at home. She was also having lots of trouble with school which can also be a red flag.
    It doesn’t sound like she had a boyfriend or anything, so if she did run away, it was most likely on her own or she might have stayed with friends for a while.

    Her case reminds me of Melinda Creech, whose mom seemed to show almost no concern after her daughter vanished (and might have played a part in Melinda’s disappearance).
    Melinda also was a habitual runaway who missed school often…they later suspected abuse at home, so it might be the same with Tamara Porrin.
    Not saying that is what happened, it’s just a possibility. I grew up in an abusive environment and while I didn’t run away, my grades suffered because of what I was dealing with (Tamara had the same issue from what her sister said).

    The severed head might be hers, but the question would be…who did that to her, if it is her? The cases where a runaway had problems at home are the most disturbing to me.

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