Back, and I’ve got an ET entry

Although it was a very very very long drive there and back — about thirty hours altogether — I am very glad I went to Massachusetts. It was a lovely memorial and the Cormier family was honored and delighted by my presence. I think I’ve made some new friends. They are very good people.

I arrived home in at 5:30 a.m. Saturday. Hopefully later today I can resume my work. In the meantime I’ve got an Executed Today entry for you: the 1909 hanging of Richard Justin. This story is a troubling one, morally speaking, because although I don’t believe Richard Justin was guilty of the crime he was accused of, I have a hard time calling this a miscarriage of justice. He may not have been a murderer but he was an evil man and frankly he deserved what he got in my opinion.

I would hope that if this happened in modern society Richard Justin could have been charged with the myriad of crimes he was actually guilty of and gotten a long sentence.

Thoughts on this case, anyone?