Yeah, so I’m going to a funeral

I'm feeling quite a bit better compared to last week and just in time too: on Monday my dearly beloved favorite author and mentor Robert Cormier's widow, Connie, passed away at the age of 90. I never got to go to his funeral so I am going to go to hers, to honor them both.

I met Connie in 2008 (only a month or so before I started this blog actually) and she invited me to their house and gave me a tour and showed me his office, which she'd kept pretty much how he'd left it since his death eight years earlier. Of course her husband had told her about me. We sat on her couch and talked for a few hours. She gave me homemade brownies; I gave her a potted plant. She was very kind to me and later told her daughter she'd enjoyed meeting me.

The viewing is Thursday afternoon/evening and the funeral is Friday. I hope to attend both. I will be leaving tomorrow to drive out to Massachusetts. There was a friend I thought I could stay with but that fell through so I've put my name in for an Airbnb reservation, a private bedroom in a house owned by a couple who sound like lovely people and have high ratings.