MP of the week (a day late, sorry): Lavorn Frye

This week’s featured missing person is Lavorn Frye, a twenty-year-old man who disappeared from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1991. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything more to report on his case.

I have another Executed Today entry that ran today: Sheyna Gram and the Jews of Preiļi. Preiļi being a small Latvian town whose Jewish population was almost entirely wiped out on this day in 1941. Sheyna Gram was a sixteen-year-old girl who kept a diary from the day of the German invasion of the Soviet Union until her death.

Unfortunately I’m really not doing very well at the moment. The last week or so has kicked my butt and I’m barely functioning. I’m sorry.

9 thoughts on “MP of the week (a day late, sorry): Lavorn Frye

  1. marsyao August 9, 2017 / 7:11 pm

    Was Lavorn Frye missing when he was 20 years old, so Why is he being listed at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website

    • Meaghan August 9, 2017 / 7:32 pm

      The NCMEC has taken to listing certain people who are over 18 and under 21, at law enforcement request on a case by case basis.

    • Stephanie Thompson July 6, 2019 / 1:47 pm

      I am a cousin of him. He was never found. Sadly today is his birthday.

      • Meaghan July 6, 2019 / 3:06 pm

        Can you tell me anything about the circumstances of his disappearance, Stephanie?

  2. Deb August 10, 2017 / 12:00 am

    I hope you feel better soon, Meaghan. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Sara August 10, 2017 / 11:03 pm

    Hi Meaghan, Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon. Don’t worry about Charley – we will all be here when you get back to full speed.

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