Flashback Friday: Randall Dean Leach

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Randall Dean Leach, a twenty-year-old who disappeared from Idaho Falls, Idaho on November 6, 1980. He was planning to hitchhike from Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Bend, Oregon, his first-ever really long hitchhike odyssey. He stopped at a farm in Idaho Falls, stayed for a couple of days and did some work there, then left. He apparently never arrived in Bend.

It’s possible he changed his mind and decided not to go to Bend — Leach’s family described him as a bit of a wanderer and a free-thinker — but I highly doubt that he’s still alive. It seems like if he was able to contact his family, he would have at some point in the past 36 and a half years.

Given the hitchhiking element, he could be anywhere in the country. I wonder if he’s a John Doe somewhere.

Orville’s home!

They finally finished the virus scan today and I was able to take the computer home. Everything’s working just fine now and I’ve posted all the updates that I was going to post on the 27th.

In the meantime, having nothing to do, I had been plugging name after name into Newspapers.com, and whenever I found something I could use I would email the PDF of the article to myself. So I’ve got plenty to play with now.

I found one article that mentioned an MP getting shot. This was a few years before his disappearance. Am I right in thinking that any prior gunshot wound ought to get mentioned in the distinguishing characteristics?