An important announcement

A month or so ago a freelance magazine writer contacted me and said he wished to do a big feature article about the Charley Project for a magazine. He writes for a number of well-known, very respectable publications. He lives in California, but would be in the Chicago area in June, and he would like to take a photographer down and swing by where I lived to interview me and take pictures.

Of course I said yes. I have since spoken to this reporter several times on the phone, and checked out his website and resume and stuff. In addition to speaking to me, he wanted to interview some Charley Project Irregulars and also my dad for some reason, so I provided him with contact info. Dad says they spoke for like an hour and a half and I guess he told the reporter my whole life story.

The reporter is arriving in a couple of hours. I’ve put on makeup and a nice shirt and tried my best to clean up my train wreck of an office. At least I’m finally awake today — I was so exhausted having got home from Poland that the last several days I’ve been asleep like 18 hours a day.

I’m not sure exactly what all he’ll ask but I’d like to walk him through how I update cases — normally I’d be writing updates right now but I’m waiting till he gets here so he can see how it’s done. This article is definitely going to be a go because he says the editors of multiple magazines have expressed an interest in publishing it.