This list is of MPs who are believed to have drowned in lakes. There aren’t nearly so many people as those who disappeared from rivers and oceans, because lakes have (A) a confined space to search in and (B) little or nothing in the way of currents.

American Lake, Washington

  1. Daniel Ray Turpin

Lake Champlain

  1. Jefferson Brian Arms
  2. Linda Lee St. Germaine

Lake Don Pedro, California

  1. William Taylor Kaminskas

Lake Gutierrez, Argentina

  1. Anthony Hyatt Lobdell

Lake Huron

  1. Joseph Michael Gutierrez
  2. Charles Rutherford Jr.

Lake Mendota, Wisconsin

  1. Christopher D. Dickinson

Lake Michigan

  1. Marcus James Beilman
  2. Michael Steven Bickel
  3. Michael Black
  4. Jim Robert Hysong Jr.
  5. Sofia Khan
  6. David Randall Warner

Lake Pend Oreille, Oregon

  1. Michael Allen Wagar
  2. Scott Allen Wright

Priest Lake, Idaho

  1. Mark Alan Bondeson
  2. David Eugene Lewis

Lake Shasta, California

  1. Antreas Chester Cantrell

Lake Superior

  1. John Lipuma

Lake Tahoe, California

  1. Brian Jack Deese
  2. Prateep Korsapati

Lake Travis, Texas

  1. Robert Bernard Canuelle and Muna Mahamud Haji
  2. William Clark Crumpacker