Make-a-list Monday: Photographs of Tattoos Part II

Three years and one day ago I did a Make-a-List Monday of MPs who had photos or drawings of their tattoos in the casefile. Well, here’s a second list of MPs who weren’t on the first list — ones that I forgot the first time, or have been added since then.

  1. Joshua Scott Adams
  2. Richard Paul Agor
  3. Katelin Michelle Akens
  4. Mary Anne Alexie
  5. Jorgen Anderson
  6. Leo Anicua*
  7. Tobey Tweedy Baker
  8. Morgan Aryn Bauer
  9. Dana Jane Bruce
  10. Mark Travis Burkett Jr.
  11. Christopher George Cochron
  12. Stephen Joseph Davaris Jr.
  13. Marie Chantal Delly
  14. Heather Rachelle Elvis
  15. Keith Allan Fetter
  16. Megan Renee Foglesong
  17. Mark Duane Folz*
  18. Nikki Lyn Forrest
  19. Dean Leslie French
  20. Jose Angel Fuentes Jr.
  21. Kelly Gray Gaskins
  22. Joseph Paul Gauthier
  23. Robyn Leslie Hatcher
  24. Maegan Janean Hembree
  25. Robbie Lane Huff II
  26. Matthew Scott Hulse
  27. Jade Marie Humble
  28. David A. Kallenberger
  29. Ethan Bert Kazmerak
  30. Elizabeth Dawn Land
  31. Billy J. Lange
  32. Bryce David Laspisa
  33. Margaret Leader
  34. Evelin Milena Lemus
  35. Morgan Keyanna Martin
  36. James Wayne McAdams
  37. Felina Branch Metsker
  38. Brook Lynn Peck
  39. Lea Chali Porter
  40. James Martin Roberts
  41. Michelle L. Rice
  42. Eryk Krystyphyr Richards
  43. Kyle Thomas Rugg
  44. Tyler Scott Russom
  45. Larissa Marie Sam
  46. Jonathan Schaff
  47. Kelsie Jean Schelling
  48. Ashley Nicole Summers
  49. Jacob Tipton
  50. Cody Henry Turner
  51. Angelica Marie Uballe
  52. Jacob Wallace*
  53. Lisa Marie Wallace
  54. Tiffany Michelle Whitton
  55. Nickalus Jryon Wilfong Jr.
  56. Brandon L. Wood
  57. Starina Marie Woods

*I’ve got no photos of his tattoos below the case summary, but his face/neck/scalp tattoos are pretty obvious in the top pics.