This list is of MPs who are believed to have drowned in lakes. There aren’t nearly so many people as those who disappeared from rivers and oceans, because lakes have (A) a confined space to search in and (B) little or nothing in the way of currents.

American Lake, Washington

  1. Daniel Ray Turpin

Lake Champlain

  1. Jefferson Brian Arms
  2. Linda Lee St. Germaine

Lake Don Pedro, California

  1. William Taylor Kaminskas

Lake Gutierrez, Argentina

  1. Anthony Hyatt Lobdell

Lake Huron

  1. Joseph Michael Gutierrez
  2. Charles Rutherford Jr.

Lake Mendota, Wisconsin

  1. Christopher D. Dickinson

Lake Michigan

  1. Marcus James Beilman
  2. Michael Steven Bickel
  3. Michael Black
  4. Jim Robert Hysong Jr.
  5. Sofia Khan
  6. David Randall Warner

Lake Pend Oreille, Oregon

  1. Michael Allen Wagar
  2. Scott Allen Wright

Priest Lake, Idaho

  1. Mark Alan Bondeson
  2. David Eugene Lewis

Lake Shasta, California

  1. Antreas Chester Cantrell

Lake Superior

  1. John Lipuma

Lake Tahoe, California

  1. Brian Jack Deese
  2. Prateep Korsapati

Lake Travis, Texas

  1. Robert Bernard Canuelle and Muna Mahamud Haji
  2. William Clark Crumpacker

Well, I’m off

Yeah, so Michael and I are leaving to catch our flight to Poland in a little bit. Until we return home on June 5, I’ll only be semi-available at best. We’re not taking our smartphones because of security concerns (of both the “pickpocket” and “government snooping into our data” variety). I’m bringing my tablet though, and we will have wifi in the various places we’re staying in.

You guys be good while I’m gone and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

MP of the week (late, sorry): Jamie Travis

This week’s featured missing person is Jamie Jo Travis, a 27-year-old woman who disappeared from Peoria, Illinois on August 30, 2005. Unfortunately I don’t have any details on her disappearance. I checked her NamUs page hoping it would have new information, but all I could find was a note saying she may use the last name Wolgemuth.

If Jamie is still alive she would be 39 this year.

Make-a-List Monday: Head and neck tattoos

This is a list of MPs who’ve got tattoos on their head, ears, face or neck. As ever, I might have missed a few people.

  1. Amada Abundez
  2. Deion Tremayne Akemon
  3. Kelly L. Allen
  4. Ronel Alsup
  5. Martha Elizabeth Anaya
  6. Tameka Anderson
  7. Leo Anicua
  8. Lakeisha Nichole Archie
  9. Darrell Lee Auck
  10. Steven Michael Babka*
  11. Jerome Baker III
  12. Ericka Lynn Ballard
  13. Edward Ray Clayton Bartram
  14. Morgan Aryn Bauer
  15. Michael Paul Bazan
  16. Charles Dwayne Bell Jr.
  17. Tori Jean Grace Bess
  18. David Wayne Blizzard
  19. Eric Lawrence Brown
  20. Latoya T. Brown
  21. Joseph Michael Bushling
  22. Ricky Lamar Caldwell
  23. David Antonio Cambray
  24. Amanda Rae Carroll
  25. Ashley Marie Carroll
  26. Doris Wade Carter
  27. Norma Cheryl Cornelius
  28. Dymashal Lashon Cullins
  29. Athena Joy Curry
  30. Rachel Lucille Cyriacks
  31. William Francis DiSilvestro IV
  32. Lisa Marie Douglas
  33. Jeanette DuPriest
  34. Kenny Dwayne Ebarb
  35. James Joseph Fisher
  36. Brittany Anne Ford
  37. Jeffrey Lee Franklin
  38. Dean Leslie French
  39. Steven Anthony Frick
  40. Edward Tyson Gatson
  41. Ricky Lee Goldstein Jr.
  42. Keyshia Graham
  43. Michael Lesly Green
  44. Timothy Soloman Green
  45. Jamie Christine Grossman
  46. Justice Paul Guidroz
  47. Mohammed Ata Hakimi
  48. Bilial Lamir Hammette
  49. Dianna Affana Hammonds
  50. Shelly Ann Hart
  51. Maegan Janean Hembree
  52. Jeannie Elizabeth Hernandez
  53. Mitchelle Deborah Hicks
  54. Paul Richard Hodgden
  55. Jonathan Terry Holley
  56. Joshua Davaughn Hollie
  57. Elizabeth Ann Hornbeck
  58. Jermaine Hunter
  59. Jerry Dwayne Isenhour
  60. George Erick James
  61. LaRhonda Cortory James
  62. Cynthia Gerri Jean-Pierre
  63. Keith A. Johnson Jr.
  64. Trina Lakea Johnson
  65. El Shawndrae Devon Jones
  66. Ronald Lee Justice Jr.
  67. David A. Kallenberger
  68. Jessica Ann Kinsey*
  69. Lisa Marie Knight
  70. Tami Faye Kowalchuk
  71. Margaret Leader
  72. John Lima*
  73. Jose Jesus Lopez
  74. Junier Lopez
  75. Wesley Irving Lovell Jr.
  76. Terry Lynn Lowery
  77. John Ray Ludolph V
  78. Franklin F. Martin
  79. Hector Lorenzo Martinez Jr.
  80. Manuel Gil Martinez
  81. Wendy Martinez
  82. Maria Antonia Mauricio
  83. John Ray Mendez
  84. Deanna Michelle Merryfield*
  85. Robert Edward Morales
  86. Noel Nathaniel Morris
  87. Benjamin Ray Munoz
  88. Laurel Elizabeth Newquist
  89. Miguel A. Oliveras
  90. Jessica Eileen Ortiz
  91. Angela Scott Owen
  92. Nathan David Perkins
  93. Jamie Nichole Peterson
  94. Marcie Tokeysha Peterson
  95. David Douglas Potts II
  96. Crystal Dawn Morrison Prentice
  97. Cherice Maria Ragins
  98. Tyran Jamal Reed
  99. Vanessa Reed
  100. Kara Denora Rigdon
  101. Kenneth John Ritchie
  102. Cindy L. Rivera
  103. Melvia Kaye Roarx
  104. Travis Dewayne Roberson
  105. Warner James Rose
  106. James Brian Rowe
  107. Ronnie Paul Russell
  108. Angelica Esperanza Sandoval
  109. Karissa Alline Schell
  110. Kelsie Jean Schelling
  111. Pedro Angel Seda
  112. Shantina Marie Smiley
  113. James Noel Stathum
  114. Louie Robert Taylor
  115. Amanda Michelle Thacker
  116. John Matthew Thrasher
  117. Andrew James Torii
  118. Darlene Marie Trujillo
  119. Angelica Marie Uballe
  120. Barry Kendal Vedder
  121. Darlene Ann Wallace
  122. Jacob Wallace
  123. Christine Lindsey Walters
  124. Amanda Lyn Ward-Romine
  125. Lindsay Marie Wells
  126. Beatriz Adriana Wheeler
  127. Jennifer Lynn Wilkerson
  128. Gary Curtiss Williams
  129. Herbert Lee Williams
  130. Starina Marie Woods


Well, that was fun

Yeah, so I’m back from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where they held an event today to honor the missing children of Ohio. Although I showed up in an unofficial capacity only, I had a blast.

I mainly came cause Gina DeJesus, one of the Cleveland kidnap survivors, was speaking. The event was at the Messiah Lutheran Church. I showed up slightly late and had to sit in the back. There were several speakers before Gina, and I spent some time trying to figure out which one of the people sitting in the audience was her. It was fairly easy because half or more of the attendees were black, and most of the rest were white. I zeroed in on two brown-skinned women in the front but couldn’t figure out which one was Gina. They turned out to be Gina and her older sister Myra.

My view from the back of the church; Gina is on the right and Myra is on the left.
My view from the back of the church during the sisters’ speeches; Gina is on the right and Myra is on the left.

Anyway, Gina read a speech off several sheets of paper about how it was important to pay attention to missing persons bulletins, and it was important to pay attention to your surroundings and the people in your neighborhood and so on because you never knew who might be hiding something. I mean, people went inside Ariel Castro’s house and had no clue about the women held captive there. I think a lot of that is because the idea that your friend, neighbor or relative might have three kidnapped women locked in his basement is just something that would not occur to most people.

Myra spoke also, and talked about what life was like having a missing family member. One of the things she mentioned was how a man known to the family told her parents, reassuringly, something like “Don’t worry, they won’t find her dead.”

That man was named Ariel Castro.

There was an intermission before a middle school choir showed up to sing a song. I went around talking to people — not Gina, I was not sure whether to approach her or not at that point — and handing out business cards. There were booths about various topics set up in the lobby and an adorable remote-controlled talking boat that went around telling people about boat safety. I told the boat about the time I nearly drowned in Lake Michigan at age five, failing to mention the fact that this near-tragedy did not involve a boat, just some poorly supervised beach time.

Me and the talking robot boat.
Me and the talking robot boat.
Gina (far right) with members of the anti human trafficking group Break Every Chain.
Gina (far right) with members of the anti human trafficking group Break Every Chain.

So after all that was over we had a balloon release in the parking lot. Fortunately the wind cooperated.

Just before the balloon release.
Just before the balloon release.
Post balloon release. Each one has a missing child's name attached.
Post balloon release. Each one has a missing child’s name attached.

Just before we all left, I decided to approach Gina after seeing some other people do so. We didn’t really talk but she consented to have her photo taken with me before we parted ways. I wish I had remembered to smile in the picture. It was one of those days where it was cloudy out (it rained later) but the light hurt your eyes anyway, and I was squinting so hard I forgot about smiling.

Gina DeJesus (right) and me.
Gina DeJesus (right) and me.

And then I went home.

Altogether it was a most profitable visit. I made some contacts and hope to return next  year.

I’ve been detoxing, so to speak

Last spring-ish, on the advice of my dentist and about a million other people, I decided to stop drinking so much pop. I fell off the wagon in November, and I decided I’d better get back on before my trip to Poland, because I believe pop is both more expensive and hard to find there.

End result is I’ve been sleeping most of the day for the better part of a week.

I think I’m back on the wagon now, and I’ll update later today — much later, because in a little bit I’m taking off for Reynoldsburg, where they’re holding a missing persons event and Gina DeJesus is going to speak.

Make-a-list Monday: Photographs of Tattoos Part II

Three years and one day ago I did a Make-a-List Monday of MPs who had photos or drawings of their tattoos in the casefile. Well, here’s a second list of MPs who weren’t on the first list — ones that I forgot the first time, or have been added since then.

  1. Joshua Scott Adams
  2. Richard Paul Agor
  3. Katelin Michelle Akens
  4. Mary Anne Alexie
  5. Jorgen Anderson
  6. Leo Anicua*
  7. Tobey Tweedy Baker
  8. Morgan Aryn Bauer
  9. Dana Jane Bruce
  10. Mark Travis Burkett Jr.
  11. Christopher George Cochron
  12. Stephen Joseph Davaris Jr.
  13. Marie Chantal Delly
  14. Heather Rachelle Elvis
  15. Keith Allan Fetter
  16. Megan Renee Foglesong
  17. Mark Duane Folz*
  18. Nikki Lyn Forrest
  19. Dean Leslie French
  20. Jose Angel Fuentes Jr.
  21. Kelly Gray Gaskins
  22. Joseph Paul Gauthier
  23. Robyn Leslie Hatcher
  24. Maegan Janean Hembree
  25. Robbie Lane Huff II
  26. Matthew Scott Hulse
  27. Jade Marie Humble
  28. David A. Kallenberger
  29. Ethan Bert Kazmerak
  30. Elizabeth Dawn Land
  31. Billy J. Lange
  32. Bryce David Laspisa
  33. Margaret Leader
  34. Evelin Milena Lemus
  35. Morgan Keyanna Martin
  36. James Wayne McAdams
  37. Felina Branch Metsker
  38. Brook Lynn Peck
  39. Lea Chali Porter
  40. James Martin Roberts
  41. Michelle L. Rice
  42. Eryk Krystyphyr Richards
  43. Kyle Thomas Rugg
  44. Tyler Scott Russom
  45. Larissa Marie Sam
  46. Jonathan Schaff
  47. Kelsie Jean Schelling
  48. Ashley Nicole Summers
  49. Jacob Tipton
  50. Cody Henry Turner
  51. Angelica Marie Uballe
  52. Jacob Wallace*
  53. Lisa Marie Wallace
  54. Tiffany Michelle Whitton
  55. Nickalus Jryon Wilfong Jr.
  56. Brandon L. Wood
  57. Starina Marie Woods

*I’ve got no photos of his tattoos below the case summary, but his face/neck/scalp tattoos are pretty obvious in the top pics.

Flashback Friday: Joyce Brewer

Gah, I have been neglecting my weekly features as of late and haven’t done a FF case since March. This one is Joyce Creola Brewer, a fifteen-year-old girl who disappeared from Grand Prairie, Texas on September 6, 1970.

The circumstances of Joyce’s disappearance — last seen stomping out of the house after a fight with her parents — might indicate she ran away. If so she’s been gone for a VERY long time, obviously — 46 years, almost 47 — but it’s by no means impossible that she’s still alive.

If she is not, or for that matter if she is, a good way to identify her would be the extensive burn scars on her torso and left arm.

If she’s still alive, Joyce would be 62 today, and maybe a grandmother or something.

I’ve been up all night…

Spent much of the night prying photographs loose from the archives, for MP cases that have NamUs pages but no pictures. My efforts yielded… three pictures. That’s all. But three pictures means three casefiles for the Charley Project, and perhaps the photos I found will eventually migrate to NamUs, so there you go.

It’s really frustrating when I know a ton of information about a case but I can’t put it on Charley due to lack of a picture. NamUs, for instance, has the case of an HIV-positive infant who was abducted by her babysitter back in the 1980s. Plenty of details, interviews with her parents, name and description of the babysitter (whose identity is known), etc — but I have no photo of the baby. (And without her AZT drugs, that baby is almost certainly dead now.)

There was another case I found where a teenager was washed away in a flood, along with the busload of people of he was sitting in. His was the only body not recovered, and for years afterwards his parents persisted in the hope that he might still be alive. It’s a very sad story and again, there are plenty of details. In fact, actually had a picture of this kid, but it was of such poor quality that even I, with my utterly abysmal standards, could not accept it. So disappointing!