Make-a-List Monday: Out-of-date photos

A list of MPs where the only pictures I have of them are very out-of-date. “Very” is kind of subjectively defined — I mean, if it’s, say, a two-year-old photo of an adult, that’s not as significant than if the MP is only four and the most recent photo is two years old. Offhand I’d have to say at least five years for adults and less for children, depending.

With some of these photos it’s just sad — some of them are, like, decades out of date. This kind of problem is much less likely to happen nowadays when everyone is always snapping pics with their camera phones and uploading them to the cloud. In a modern case, if there are no recent photos available, it can be an indication that the MP has been missing a lot longer than people want the police to know.

  1. Tyler Jay Augustin
  2. Stephen Shawn Austin
  3. David Barnes Sr.
  4. Lindall Ray Benedict
  5. Susan Maria Ann Cerritelli
  6. Walter Dunson
  7. Inisha V. Fowler and Ivon D. Fowler
  8. Richard Burks Hart
  9. Marie D. Jost and Theodore J. Jost
  10. Ronald Owen Kimble
  11. Charles Ray Koller Sr.
  12. Thomas Mark Leahy
  13. Marilyn J. Lehan
  14. Perry Grant Matheson
  15. Gregory Robert Mitchell
  16. Dion Mike Napier
  17. Carol Frances Norton
  18. Karen Ann Penson
  19. Mary Kay Radford
  20. Ronald Kevin Ross
  21. Clifford J. Sather
  22. Jason William Noble Saul
  23. Jason Sims Jr.
  24. Hilary Harmon Stagg Jr.
  25. Aaron Cody Stepp
  26. Aarone Thompson
  27. Randal Richard Voss
  28. Francis Loretta Heath Wells