ET #218: William and John Dyon

My 218th Executed Today entry was published yesterday: the hangings of William Dyon and his son John, who had murdered William’s brother (another John) in Doncaster, England in 1828. The two killers weren’t terribly bright; they went around telling everyone who would listen that they hated the victim, they even said they wanted to kill the victim, they allowed themselves to get spotted in the area with their rifles, and William left distinctive boot prints at the crime scene.

Make-a-List Monday: Connected MP cases without photographs for everyone

A lot of times I’ll have cases where multiple people disappeared together (or their cases are believed to be connected, even if they didn’t disappear together) but I only have photos for one of them, so I have to provide whatever information I can scrounge up on the one MP’s page: “Photographs for John Smith are unavailable. His physical description is blah…” And here are these cases:

  1. El-Jahid Forever Allah, missing with his unnamed father
  2. John C. Anstess, missing with Richard Beckman and David Irvin Rodman
  3. Mindy Lou Arnett, missing with Jersey Arnett
  4. Cynthia Atterbury, missing with Oscar Joseph McNear Jr.
  5. Mark Lindsey Bachelder, missing with David Hesterlee
  6. Karla Daniela Barrera, missing with Eddie Martinez and Justin Martinez
  7. Richard Thomas Basgier, missing with Marc McDaniels
  8. Nicholas Joseph Begich and Thomas Hale Boggs Sr., missing with Russell L. Brown and Don Edgar Jonz
  9. Jason Edward Bjaranson, missing with Luke Jensen, Chris Langel and David Nichols
  10. Tara Lea Blue, missing with Richard Sanders
  11. Jennifer Raina Byers-Hernandez, missing with Gerardo Barajas Jr.
  12. Arthur Stanley Carver III, missing with Kevin Wadsworth
  13. Jacqueline Cooper and Mary Louise Watkins, missing with Patty Gay Toliver
  14. Angela Joann DeLawder and Gertrude Marianne Menacher, missing with Charles Gibson and Ivan Gutierrez
  15. Martha Wes Dunn, missing with Eric Owens
  16. Benjamin Alan Eder and Jared Hamrick, missing with Robert Thompson
  17. Demetrius Jermain Elder, missing with Demerick Walker
  18. Judson Lee Fielding, missing with Lonnie Moore and Charles Joseph Winfield
  19. William Henry Forshee Jr. and William Henry Forshee Sr., missing with Minni Gaskins and DeWitt Lewis
  20. Lorena Franco, missing with Julisa Razon
  21. Michelle Renee Giusti and Sharon Louise Giusti, missing with Clara Arleen Giusti
  22. Corinne Anita Hagler, missing with George Garnett
  23. Joe David Key, missing with Darrell Hammons
  24. Diana L. Leone and Gabriel Vincent, missing with Marie Morgan
  25. Irina Malezhik, missing with Michael Klein
  26. Consuela Sheena Marie Malone, missing with her two unnamed sons
  27. Melinda Marie McCollom, missing with Dennis Kaye Woods
  28. Betty McCullough, missing with Herbert Brown
  29. Cornelia Meyer and Georg Weber, missing with Max Meyer
  30. Gerald Montrio, missing with Robert Rasmussen
  31. Lucy T. Pacheco, missing with Albert A. De Mattos
  32. Ben Charles Padilla Jr., missing with John Mikel Mutantu
  33. David Raul Pennisi, missing with Michael Odom
  34. Rebecca Rodriguez, missing with Evangeline Rodriguez Silva and Kenneth John Beltram
  35. Russ Rolnick, missing with Alan J. Hirsch
  36. Suzanne Marie Schultz, missing with Stephen Craig Lund
  37. Andres Tapia, missing with Ramon Turrucllas
  38. Shannon Dale Verhage, missing with Robert Allen and John Weeks
  39. Debra Lee Vowell, missing with Gary Newton and Dennis Vowell
  40. Milan Vucurevich Jr., missing with Jim Chouinard and Mary Houston