Flashback Friday: Essie Hiett

This week’s FF case is Essie Margarette “Marge” Hiett, who disappeared from Oroville, California on February 13, 1978. A bartender and waitress, she finished up her shift in the wee hours of the morning and started driving home, but never made it. Her car was found wrecked in a ditch, with her belongings scattered, and no sign of her.

Essie’s case actually got some attention two years ago when Marvin Owens was charged with the murder of his still-missing wife Deborah Diane Owens. Because Deborah also disappeared in 1978, from the same area as Essie, and they had mutual friends, the cops looked into the idea that Marvin had killed Essie too. They decided no. He eventually pleaded out in Deborah’s case and got four years.

As for Essie, the police have another person of interest in her disappearance now — someone whom Marvin Owens knew also. I wonder if they believe someone forced her off the road and abducted her, or if their theory is that first she crashed and then afterwards someone took advantage of the situation.

One thought on “Flashback Friday: Essie Hiett

  1. Michelle June 8, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    I am Essie “Marge” Hiett’s granddaughter. First, I would like to thank you for keeping my grandmother’s name and story out in the public’s eye. I went to Oroville a few years back to visit with the detectives about her case. I met with the attorney general of Oroville at that time as well. I was left with the feeling that the AG had no desire to make the resources available to help solve her case. The way the truth will come out is by someone having the guts and integrity to come forward with the information police need. The detectives, Perry and Jason, need anyone with information that pertains to her case to do what is right so my family and I can be at peace and finally know what happened to my grandma. My grandmother I never got to meet because she was taken away before I was born. My mother deserves to know what happened to her mother. We deserve to know the truth, just like anyone else in our situation would want.

    Thank you again for doing your part in keeping my grandmas story alive. It has been 40 years, but she is STILL loved, STILL missed, and is NOT forgotten.

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