Executed Today entry from a few days ago

On the tenth I had another Executed Today entry run: Elifasi Msomi, a sangoma who killed fifteen people in South Africa in the mid-1950s. His was a literal devil-made-me-do-it defense: he claimed a tokoloshe, an evil spirit in Zulu folklore, offered to help his career if he obtained the blood of fifteen victims.

Of course to us nowadays (and to the Apartheid authorities back then) it’s stuff-and-nonsense, but in Msomi’s culture the tokoloshe was very real.

In other news, the headache medicine the pain management doctor prescribed is actually working. His idea was one that literally no other medical professional had thought to try in the storied six-year history of his headache, and I’m delighted by the results: it gets rid of the pain and, after the first few times, it didn’t make me feel the least bit different.

Make-a-List Monday: Cross necklaces

A list of people who were wearing a cross necklace when they disappeared. This is quite a common jewelry item, for men as well as women, as you can see — perhaps the most common jewelry there is in the Christian world. Fun fact: although all crucifixes are cross necklaces, not all cross necklaces are crucifixes. A crucifix has to have Jesus on the cross pendant. I know because I just looked it up.

  1. Peter Achermann
  2. Rosio Monica Beltran
  3. Nancy Leah Brannon*
  4. Alex James Buonassisi
  5. Michelle Lee Burchell
  6. Kimberly Shawn Cheatham
  7. Matthew Jonathan Curtis*
  8. Peggy Ilene Humber
  9. Jesse Gabriel Florez
  10. Dean Leslie French
  11. Omar Jabree Gibson
  12. Scott Kevin Jared
  13. Janice Yvonne Johnson
  14. El Shawndrae Devon Jones
  15. Kathleen Kelly
  16. Robert Keck
  17. Yul Demetrius Kennedy
  18. Patricia Ann Krieger
  19. Ruth Ann Leamon
  20. Nieko Anthony Lisi
  21. Tommie Lee Lowery
  22. Larry Don Madden
  23. Tammy Mahoney
  24. Lubov Marchenko
  25. Carmen Magdalena Mares
  26. Wilbert Martin
  27. Ashley Nicole Martin Mauldin
  28. Gloria White Moore McDonald
  29. Shane Lawrence McKinney*
  30. Lori Ann Murchison-Dunbar
  31. Kenny Manuel Naidas Jr.
  32. Nguyet Minh Nguyen
  33. Georgia Darlene Nolan
  34. Michelle Loree Parker
  35. Bernadine Paul
  36. Kara Denora Rigdon
  37. William Larry Roland
  38. Michelle Lee Rust
  39. Jason Joseph Ryan*
  40. Jairo Javier Sanchez
  41. Lisa Ann Schmidt
  42. Miguel Sonny Scott
  43. Yvonne Renee Scott
  44. Bethany Anne Sinclair
  45. Sharon Rose Sons
  46. Walter Shannon Stevenson
  47. William Paul Smolinski Jr.
  48. Lisa Alaria Szasz-Lazzaro
  49. Angel Antonio Torres
  50. Vikki L.Vukelich
  51. Donald Beams Wallace
  52. Jacob Wallace
  53. Grongie Ward
  54. Rasheeyda Robinson Wilson
  55. Dawn Marie Young
  56. Violet Nancy Zarb