Make-a-List Monday: Police informants

This list is for MPs who were working as police informants at the time they disappeared, or had done so in the relatively recent past. I wonder if I should automatically classify such individuals as “endangered missing”, as being a police informant certainly carries a risk, depending on who you’re informing on and for what. Also, a lot of police informants, even before they began information to the cops, were leading high-risk lifestyles: many of them get caught in criminal activity of their own and broker deals to get their charges reduced or dismissed by providing details on other people’s crimes.

There’s always the theory that the MP went into witness protection, but the problem with that is the witness almost always resurfaces to testify at the ensuing criminal trial(s), or at the trial(s) the police testifying saying they got the information from the MP and they’re now in witness protection.

Anyway, informants. Strange how so many of these are women, a much higher percentage than I would have expected.

  1. Melanie Dee William
  2. Evelyn Ann Frisco*
  3. Michael Eugene Golub
  4. Michael Wayne Grimes
  5. Carolyn Jean Long
  6. Joshua Jerome Mahaffey
  7. Cynthia Lynn Maine
  8. Barbara Elizabeth Miller
  9. Daniel Sites
  10. Michelle Doherty Thomas
  11. Virginia Alice Welch*



4 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: Police informants

  1. Mia January 2, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    “Snitches” aren’t looked on very fondly. Conspiring against your former friends with the police is a good way to get yourself roughed up around here. I would guess that’s the way it went for most of these people. (The sad thing is that most CIs are still using; they just turn in the people who are selling it to them and then find a new source.)

    • Celeste Keenan January 2, 2017 / 5:11 pm

      Snitches are often frowned upon in the gang life biker or street gangs often sell drugs to support themselves.

  2. Brian F Lockett January 6, 2017 / 12:13 pm

    The police are in a mess in my county.

    First a cop (Jason Ellis, K9 officer) was murdered on his way home a few years ago. It’s more than likely that he was killed by a colleague of sorts as he was killed on a night when the officer wasn’t driving his usual vehicle. I don’t know who else would have known that he would be driving a squad car (without a camera like his usual one did) and what time. Whoever killed him most likely was doing something involved with drugs and was probably scared that Ellis was onto their deeds.
    So I think his murder preempted any “snitching” that he could do.

    A girl I went to school with (Crystal Rogers) went missing while involved with an officer. Her case is literally like a circus. First, her b/f and his brother were removed from the force for some shadiness. Then, Crystal’s dad was murdered (or died in a “hunting accident”) in an out-of-the-way place (yet very close to the local parkway) with no one around except for his grandson. The b/f was in the news this week because a girl that he was trying to evict from a house he owned. She got pissed off and burned the place down.

    Crystal’s father may have found out too much about what happened to her and was another murder to prevent “snitching.”

    I don’t know if my county’s involved in a circus or dark soap opera or some bad acid.

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