Make-a-List Monday: Christmas birthdays

This list idea was suggested by Lauren M.: MPs who have a birthday at Christmastime — defined, for my purposes, between December 20 and December 31. (I did a list of Christmastime disappearances five years ago.)

December 20

  1. Cora Andersen
  2. Cindy May Brown
  3. Sheketah Michele Brown
  4. Joseph Albert Criner Jr.
  5. Nicole Danielle Engle
  6. Stacey Lynn Hazelton
  7. Guy Howard Heckle
  8. Vanessa Reed
  9. James Davis Walker

December 21

  1. Haidar Mustafa Abushaqra
  2. David Clem Cook
  3. Chris Andrew Cunningham
  4. Warren Flippo Jr.
  5. Melissa Sue Flores
  6. Jon Truscott Haynes
  7. Westley Allen Moore
  8. Lydia Ann Perkins
  9. Lucas Allen Prassas
  10. Dawn Sneed
  11. Ricky Lane Thomas Jr.

December 22

  1. Susan Seymour Adams
  2. Andre Christian Aina
  3. Leo Anicua
  4. Leonard Bernard Branzuela
  5. Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter
  6. James Robert Cooper
  7. Mildred Cowley
  8. Tiffany Michele Goines
  9. Crystal Dupuis Grebinger
  10. Audrey Lynn Harris
  11. Jennifer Long
  12. Nancy Ann Penner
  13. Shaliegh Sharrie Phillips
  14. Clay Allen Rodman
  15. Sheyl Lyn Rucci
  16. Tami Lyn Seymour
  17. Darlene Marie Trujillo
  18. Alfonso Venegas Jr.

December 23

  1. Christopher Hart Bridgeman Jr.
  2. Rose Lena Cole
  3. Jeffrey Lee Franklin
  4. Kristopher Sean Kelly
  5. Kelsi Jordan Krum
  6. Sharon Ann Martin
  7. Milda Dahl McQuillan
  8. Stephen Horace Pearson
  9. Laura Leticia Ramirez
  10. Diana Richardson
  11. Nelson Roman
  12. Patricia Marie Small
  13. Karol Marlene Sullens
  14. Beatrice Villela
  15. Robert S. Willis IV
  16. Mark David Zeichner

December 24

  1. Layla Ashraf Al-Jailani
  2. Sergio Bravo Ayala
  3. Elizabeth Barbara Bartholomew
  4. Rogelio Realme Cerda
  5. Tamika Michelle Davis
  6. Nancy Estremara
  7. Timothy Patrick Guthrie Jr.
  8. August Richard Schwabenland
  9. Aaron Lamar Turner

December 25

  1. Diane Marie Aviles Colon
  2. Anthonette Christine Cayedito
  3. Michelle Lynn Collins
  4. Jennifer Lynn Fay
  5. Eric Scott Gammelgard
  6. Karl Lee Larsen
  7. Dennis Nathan Mann
  8. Cora Christmas McGuirk
  9. Juan Zuniga Rangel
  10. James Mark Shumaker
  11. Dennis Robert Towle
  12. Kathy Sue Wilcox
  13. Daquan Terrell Williams
  14. Frederic Hiro Yamamoto

December 26

  1. Andrew Robert Bliss
  2. Kristy Lynne Booth
  3. Jose David Hernandez
  4. Tomiene Mary Jones
  5. Peter Laan
  6. Brenda Gail Lambert
  7. Laurel Elizabeth Newquist
  8. Karen Owens
  9. Bianca Noel Piper
  10. Tanner Lane Sharp
  11. Vanessa Dawn Smith
  12. Virgil Wade Tackett

December 27

  1. Charles Catlett
  2. Bekime Elshani
  3. Clay Allen Foreman
  4. David Eduardo Gosnell
  5. Kenneth Stephan Haley
  6. Amber Shawnell Hoopes
  7. Nasim Skander Howard
  8. Tamika Howard
  9. Janice Yvonne Johnson
  10. John Stephen Kozma
  11. Bhagwaniala Lall
  12. Kim Sue Leggett
  13. Penelope Jo Milbourn
  14. Shannon J. Minshall
  15. Toni Lee Sharpless
  16. Misty Anne Sullivan

December 28

  1. Ronnie A. Bolin
  2. Miguel Angel Cisneros
  3. Steven Michael Clark Jr.
  4. Denise Holly Dorfman
  5. Nicole Anastacia Ernst
  6. Shawnta Denise Garrett
  7. James Donald Kimball
  8. Marlo Keolalani Moku
  9. Liam F. Morrissey
  10. Vicki Lynn Nisbett
  11. Christina Levonne Schutz
  12. Christopher Carlton Thompkins

December 29

  1. David Emmett Alford
  2. Stevie Danielle Bates
  3. Reuben Bennett Blackwell II
  4. Barry Michael Brown
  5. Shakeima Ann Cabbagestalk
  6. Joseph Robert Clewley
  7. Jasmine Kirlissa Collins
  8. William H. Crandell Sr.
  9. Tiffany Doyle
  10. Ashley Renae Freeman
  11. Tracy Marie Evans Hill
  12. Bessie Louise Haley Hyde
  13. Kristi Suzanne Krebs
  14. Cody Scott Matney
  15. Michele Reidenbach
  16. Valarie Lynn Sloan
  17. Charles Lee Toliver
  18. Roxann Mary Tolson

December 30

  1. Samantha Elizabeth Baremore
  2. Paget Renee Barr
  3. Kristina Delane Branum
  4. Sabine Duellmann
  5. Kevin James Dycus
  6. Rachael Elizabeth Garden
  7. Margaret Ann Hayes
  8. Charlotte Jean Jones
  9. Jason Andrew Knapp
  10. DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr.
  11. Claudia Lopez-Escobar
  12. Sherise Lachelle Magee
  13. Sara Jo Mowrey
  14. Judie Kay Lowery Munguia
  15. Andriene Patricia Walker
  16. John T. Weisbecker
  17. Scott Allen Whitmire
  18. Nikita Michelle Wingo

December 31

  1. Larry Richard Baker Sr.
  2. Nicholas Patrick Barclay
  3. Dixie Barker
  4. Barbara Ann Bockwith
  5. Elizabeth Bump
  6. Carla Rebecca Corley
  7. David Adrian Downes
  8. Harvey Dale Fernandez
  9. Terri Ann Fourcher
  10. Silvestre Reyes Hidalgo
  11. Jackie Larry Letney
  12. Markus A. Lorenzana
  13. Annabelle Marie Ludwig
  14. Dennis E. Pengilley
  15. Tyriq Jaquan Marlon Pope
  16. Charles Lynn Simmons
  17. Jonnie Renee White
  18. Boaz Zino

3 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: Christmas birthdays

  1. Mary December 22, 2016 / 4:34 pm

    Andre AIna’s mother escaped from a bad marriage in Ohio with her little boy to happiness in Beirut, Lebanon on her own 33rd birthday. Andre really seems to enjoy his life in Lebanon with his mother. He is even on Facebook.

  2. diamondlil16 December 25, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    Why didn’t his mother legally try to get custody of her son? You say she had a bad marriage but did the son have a bad relationship with his father? Andre would be 11 or 12 now, do you know if he has made online contact with his father?

  3. Anonymous December 28, 2016 / 4:06 am

    The mother of Nicole and Joseph Ernst had full custody of them in Oklahoma from the divorce and was allowed to hold passports for the children when they left to Russia. The child of a Russian national is also Russian at birth so they did not leave to Russia illegally. She just was supposed to inform the courts of her intentions to relocate, but did not because she knew her ex-husband would complain about a relocation and remarriage. Joseph and Nicole’s father has also visited with them in Russia and confirmed to all that they are well with their Russian mother and stepfather, speak fluent Russian, and are not interested in returning to the United States. How else did he get new pictures? I guess it is kind of sad because the Randy Ernst has said his children did not want to embrace or see him and his family, but still he knows his children are well in Russia. It is always sad when your child refuses to embrace or look at you I know as a father. Still I am not going to have my child’s mother arrested for remarrying and because Russian law says a Russian citizen, even a child, does not have to leave Russia unwillingly!

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