Okay, this is weird

I go through the CDOJ missing persons database at least once a week, looking for new and updated cases. I’m going through it now and finding a LOT of cases have been added since last time. I’ve seen over 20 so far, and I’ve only looked under “voluntarily missing adults.”

Furthermore, many of the names and faces look strangely familiar: as if they’d been on the database before and had been removed. In fact, I KNOW that some of them have been; some of those names are of MPs who were later found dead, and are in Charley’s resolved cases section. Now they’re back on CDOJ.

I don’t see a pattern in terms of the law enforcement agency, but most of the “new” cases stem from the years 2009 to 2011.

I’m inclined to think that someone on CDOJ has made a big mistake and somehow put a bunch of outdated, resolved cases back in the system. I hope they fix this soon because it does no good for anyone.

One thought on “Okay, this is weird

  1. Joey M Harrison February 3, 2017 / 6:30 pm

    Cause they’ll kill us for telling the truth their screts….we get diagnosed with some sort of mental illness after having taken on new name social security # & have some sort of petty criminal records where our fingerprints identify us as the assumed person so we get legally trapped in the new assumed identity & people think we are delusional for claiming to be a missing person. Google “the CIA’s Finder’s & educateyourseel.org

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