MP of the week: Marcus Virgin

I wasn’t able to do this yesterday because the internet was down all day. In fact it was down for much of today also; I wasn’t aware that it had come back up again until about half an hour or so ago.

This week’s featured MP is Marcus Deon Virgin, a 24-year-old Florida resident and father of four who vanished from Mobile, Alabama on May 8, 2003. Although he was involved with drugs and criminal activity, he has a family who misses him; I found this sad blog entry by the mother of one of his children. Other family members commented on it.

One thought on “MP of the week: Marcus Virgin

  1. Anonymous December 17, 2016 / 3:19 pm

    Could you please do Tyler Schladweiler? He will be 18 soon and his father and stepmother really want to find him, so are begging for exposure. It has been established that Tyler was taken to New Zealand where his mother was a very popular school teacher at Westlake Girls’ School in Auckland for several years. They are now believed to be in Australia, but no further traces have ever been found. It is believed that since Tyler carries his mother’s maiden name, Melissa has either married and her new husband has adopted Tyler or she on her own has changed their surname. Ironically several of Melissa’s former students and colleagues have contacted the proper American authorities after seeing Tyler’s posters to report he is happy and safe in New Zealand and later Australia, but have been told the authorities cannot(or rather won’t) do anything. None of the commentators are willing to divulge much of anything to Tyler’s father and stepmother though, except to assure them he is indeed very loved and well looked after by Melissa and other unnamed “family”. Cheri&Jeff Husby, his father and stepmother, do not doubt for a moment that Tyler is happy and safe with his mother and as a result made the decision not to try too hard to take him away from his mother as a child. At the time Melissa and Tyler were last seen she had full custody and they visitation, but Melissa for some reason did not even want them to have that and fled, so Tyler has never known his father. They only wish Melissa would allow them to be a part of Tyler’s life.

    Thank you and God bless

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