ET: Cordella Stevenson

My first (of two, unless I write another) Executed Today entry of the month: Cordella Stevenson, a black woman who the victim of a horrific lynching in Columbus, Mississippi 101 years ago today. She didn’t even do anything “wrong,” not that anyone deserves that kind of death — she died because her son was suspected of arson. (Oh, and she was black.) The locals couldn’t find him so they took out their rage on her family. Of course no one was brought to justice. TJ Jarrett wrote a poem about her in her 2013 book, Ain’t No Grave.


One thought on “ET: Cordella Stevenson

  1. TaRoya Hollis December 9, 2016 / 5:33 pm

    What do you expect? This was around in the worst place to be black in Mississippi where any white person at that time from 101 years ago they could lynch you for refusing to watch their children to cooking their food if you sass them one time.

    Plus now white people claim black people are the ones being prejudice. Black people cannot be prejudice because We are not the ones who capture whites and made them into slavery for 245 years!

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