Make-a-List Monday: Family abductions of kids who are now adults

This list is for kids who were abducted by parents or other relatives, and are now over the age of 18. In some of these cases, the MP has siblings who were abducted also and are still minors. Many of these children have been missing for a depressingly long time. I did not include cases where they believe the abductor killed the child after taking them.

I should emphasize that just because the kid is now an adult and still hasn’t resurfaced doesn’t mean they want to stay missing or were fleeing an abusive situation. Many times children are lied to by the abductor and told that their left-behind parent is dead, or that the left-behind parent was an abusive, horrible person and they’re better off without them.

Many victims of family abduction are young, below school age, and thus they wouldn’t have much, if any, memories of their former life. Even in cases of older children, it’s still possible to poison their minds against the left-behind parent. You have to consider the idea that children want to believe their parents have their best interests at heart. Especially in a situation where they have no other influences, it can be easy to convince them of things that are not true and alienate them against the other parent.

There’s also the issue of international abduction cases where the child/children were taken to a country (such as, say, Saudi Arabia) where women are not allowed to travel without the permission of a male relative. So, even if they wanted to come back, they can’t.

There is one case I know of where a girl was abducted by her father and taken to Mexico. She was very young at the time and her father told her that her mother was dead or had abandoned her, I can’t remember which. I don’t even remember her name. When the girl was 17, I guess her father’s conscience had been bothering him because he finally told her the truth about what happened, that he had stolen her from her mother and that her mother was alive and looking for her. The girl then traveled to the United States and eventually did locate her mother.

This happened like ten years ago — I know because remember writing about it on Websleuths and I haven’t been active on there in ages. I wrote that I was glad that the father owned up to what he had done and gave his daughter a chance to reunite with her searching mother. Other posters on the forum were angry at him, saying “I can’t believe you’re defending this man, he did something horrible.” Well, I wasn’t exactly defending him, and I freely admit that yes, he did do something horrible. But at least he eventually tried to do right by his daughter and his ex-wife, which is more than can be said for most abductors in such cases.

  1. Jehad Ahmed Abuhamda (was 13, is now 18)
  2. Berania Teresa Agapito (was 11, is now 18)
  3. Wendy Agapito (was 14, now 20)
  4. Gloria Aguilar (was 13, now 21)
  5. Amina Ashraf Al-Jailani (was 9, is now 20)
  6. Layla Ashraf Al-Jailani (was 7, now 18)
  7. Sarah Molouk Amiri (was 3, now 26)
  8. Cameron Jeffrey Anderson (was 12, now 28)
  9. Kyle Nicholas James Anderson (was 9, now 25)
  10. Rachel Marie Anderson (was 13, now 30)
  11. Yareli Marlem Barajas (was 12, now 19)
  12. Anastacia Marie Argentova-Stevens (was 5, now 19)
  13. Emad Ali Ben-Mrad (was 3, now 19)
  14. Shoshana Kaila Black (was 2, now 22)
  15. Reuben Bennett Blackwell II (was 2, now 23)
  16. Halle Patricia Bobo (was 6, now 18)
  17. Jacob Allen Bobo (was 9, now 20)
  18. Ebrahim Bozorgi (was 6, now 23)
  19. Zafar Bozorgi (was 1, now 19)
  20. Miranda Elaine Budiman (was 4, now 22)
  21. Angela Estella Burns (was 1, now 21)
  22. Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter (was 10, now 26)
  23. Brittani Nicole Dolbear (was 3, now 22; today is her birthday)
  24. Olivia Addison Edwards-Tuttle (was 8 months, now 26)
  25. Sarah Raquel Elsafi (was 9, now 18)
  26. Tariq Ahmed Elsafi (was 12, now 26)
  27. Joseph Zachary Ernst (was 10, now 18)
  28. Marcus Antonio Farina (was 9 months, now 25)
  29. David Eduardo Gosnell (was 3, now 21)
  30. Antonia Guerrero (was 12, now 23)
  31. Stephanie Guerrero (was 13, now 24; tomorrow is her birthday)
  32. Austin Cole Hernandez (was 4 months, now 20)
  33. Ethan James Hernandez (was 2, now 18)
  34. Leonid Jacobson (was 3, now 21)
  35. Jesse Robert Kaslov (was 1, now 19)
  36. Jewel Koranteng (was 2, now 19)
  37. Mario Lopez* (was 6, now 18)
  38. Sandra Lopez (was 11, now 21)
  39. Sarah Anne Lord (was 3, now 22)
  40. Bianca Isabella Lozano (was 1, now 23)
  41. Ezra Lok Lui (was 2, now 19)
  42. Brandon Mema (was 2, now 18)
  43. Ray Preston Morrison IV (was 2, now 21)
  44. Diana Judith Portillo (was 12, now 18)
  45. Soomaiiah Jalaaluddeen Quariishi (was 7, now 23)
  46. Kyle Ivor Rae (was 2, now 22)
  47. Melissa Erin Reiter (was 1, now 25)
  48. Andrea Michelle Reyes (was 1, now 19)
  49. Alejandra Rivera-Romero (was 8, now 20)
  50. Wesley Rivera-Romero (was 6, now 18)
  51. Nadia Rougebianni (was 2, now 18)
  52. Stacy Ann Kathleen Rudolph (was 13, now 29; today is her birthday)
  53. Isabella Saileanu (was 2, now 18)
  54. Domingo Sanchez Gonzalez (was 11, now 19)
  55. Esmit Sanchez Gonzalez (was 15, now 23)
  56. Deborah Lyyn Sanders (was 1, now 34)
  57. Nicolas Marcel Santin (was 12, now 23)
  58. Emily Michelle Sawyer (was 3, now 33)
  59. Adam Osama Shannon (was 4, now 19)
  60. Kamelia Maria Spencer (was 2, now 19)
  61. Caroline Victoria Teague (was 4, now 19)
  62. Bethany Maria Tiner (was 3, now 23)
  63. Gabrielle Torres (was 12, now 21)
  64. Vivian Aileen Trout (was 2, now 22)
  65. Therese Rose Vanderheiden-Walsh (was 5, now 32)
  66. Prathima Venkatesan (was 8, now 18)
  67. Charles Jason Vosseler (was 3, now 33)
  68. William Martin Vosseler (was 2, now 32)
  69. Brianna Christine Warnes (was 2, now 23)
  70. Takoda Tei Weed (was 6, now 18)
  71. Tiffany Susan Westford (was 2, now 25)
  72. Kelly Ann Yates (was 10 months, now 32)
  73. Kimberly Ann Yates (was 3, now 35)
  74. Christopher Louis Zaharias (was 3, now 32)
  75. Lisa Mae Zaharias (was 1, now 30)

*Mario’s case was probably a family abduction; at least it stands to reason that it was. He and his three siblings were in foster care, with Mario and Joel placed in the same home, and the boys vanished together and their biological parents disappeared at the same time. (Mario’s brother has since been found.) He’s still classified as “endangered missing” though, and I don’t think warrants have been issued for his parents.



12 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: Family abductions of kids who are now adults

  1. Jessica November 14, 2016 / 11:57 am

    I think fits this. But for the record, I think I found him on Facebook. (I notified the Ncmec and namus as well. The woman who runs his Facebook page stated that she was told that the police don’t want to bother him because he seems to have a good life. She was also told by someone else that Angela has been murdered.)

    • Olive November 14, 2016 / 12:49 pm

      Your comment does not make sense, Jessica. If Thomas’s mother was murdered, how could police possibly believe that Thomas lives a good life and if not with his mother, then where and with whom is he living this good life?!

      • Jessica November 15, 2016 / 12:11 am

        Yeah, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I think they were saying that he has a good life now, despite his mom being murdered. The guy I found does seem to be doing well for himself. I don’t know if the police told her that Angela was murdered or if someone else did. They even told her where they think she’s buried, so I’m leaning towards that not coming from an official channel.

  2. Celeste Keenan November 14, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    What about Stacy Rudolph who was kidnapped by her mother Lori Krueger in 2000 when she was 13. Now she’s 29.

  3. TB November 14, 2016 / 7:01 pm

    I think it’s a possibility in a small percentage of such cases that the kids and the supposed abducting parent may actually have all been killed by the other parent. Especially if there is no actual evidence of the parent having taken the kids and absolutely no sign of any of them (supposed abductor included) after the abduction date. I’m going to give a scenario using the father as the murderer, if there is a contentious custody battle and he has played it off as being a loving father, he may actually have used the situation to make all of them disappear (family annihilator) and just claimed abduction. It’s certainly possible.

    • TB November 14, 2016 / 7:11 pm

      For example, the scenario with the Yates kids could fit. There was a domestic violence incident just prior to the abduction date (to the point they were in a shelter for safety) and the father/husband says he came home from work (a place that he owned) to find the wife and kids gone. He even sued the maternal grandmother to try and get her to divulge their whereabouts and as an elderly woman was jailed for contempt but never strayed from her claim that the last she had heard from her daughter and grandkids was before the supposed abduction.

  4. Asha December 4, 2016 / 3:00 am

    Isabella Saileanu was never kidnapped or lost to begin with and according to her grandfather soon plans to return to the United States from Romania, where she has been residing with her mother’s full knowledge and permission for the past 15 years, because she wants to see her younger sister. While it is only natural for us as Americans to automatically take the side of an American mother, misinformed “do gooders” have definitely been deceived about this case. Her mother has not told the 100% gospel truth about the situation and it is documented that she granted Isabella’s father permission to take her to Romania in September 2001, and furthermore was supposed to also go to Romania with the couple’s younger daughter at a later date as a part of a well planned relocation to Romania of the entire family. Isabella’s mother reneged on the international relocation at the last moment however, and rather than travel to Romania to resume family life, she fled from California back to Texas with the younger daughter to move in with the American grandparents and made it very clear to the Saileanu family that the marriage was over along with keeping the younger daughter to herself. They in turn pleaded with this woman to come to her senses, not to separate the two little girls, and most importantly not to essentially disown Isabella offering her 100% necessities and financial support, if she would only just bring the younger daughter to settle in Europe as agreed previously not necessarily limited to Romania. The mother refused and divorce proceeding commenced in Romania. During the Romanian divorce proceedings, Isabella’s mother did file a Hague case, BUT SHE ABRUPTLY WITHDREW HER PETITION BEFORE A DECISION COULD BE MADE ON IT!!! As a result Romanian courts established Isabella’s lawful permanent residence in Bucharest and her gave custody to her Romanian-American father by default. At a later date, despite knowing full well that Isabella was residing in Romania with her permission and she had not taken advantage of any opportunities to see Isabella or participate in Romanian divorce proceedings, Isabella’s mother filed parallel divorce proceedings in Texas that Radu was not aware of and did not have the opportunity to participate. Isabella’s mother deliberately withheld information, which is Perjury mind you, during divorce proceeding in Texas and as a result was granted Sole Custody of Isabella along with the younger daughter, which allowed her to bring felony criminal charges for Unlawful Flight and International Child Abduction against her former husband. For 15 years she has not seen Isabella, not because of the actions of the Saileanu family, but rather as a result of her own disinterest and neglect towards her elder daughter. Any sane woman, regardless of nationality or race, who really cared about her child and was offered a well financed lifestyle by her in-laws for the duration, would extremely grateful to travel to visit and be a part of her child’s life. Mothers completely deprived of their children by hostile vindictive foreign national in-laws would KILL to have even a small portion of the incentives that Isabella’s mother was offered to simply see and know her own child. Isabella,who now reportedly calls her stepmother of many years “Mama” and lives happily in a stable home that includes 4 younger half-siblings, has undoubtedly realized and come to terms with the devastating fact that her own blood mother did not consider her to be worth knowing. No one could blame Isabella or any child in this situation for that matter, if she never wanted to see such a woman again for as she lived!

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