There shall be updates today

My body is still punishing me for spending the best part of last week in bed — it’s hard to sit at the computer very long before everything starts to go wrong. Late this afternoon I went out into woods and and walked around and grabbed at tree branches overhead and sort of used them as exercise equipment, trying to strengthen the muscles in my back and shoulders.

And remember last month’s problem with my medicine that was making me so tired and stuff? It’s back. On account of being sick I had temporarily stopped taking my medicine since I wouldn’t have been able to keep it down anyway. I resumed taking my meds this morning and, within half an hour I began to feel very weird. I went to use the bathroom and end up falling asleep on the toilet and then falling off the toilet in consequence.

Then I went to lie down, and Michael was getting ready for work and asking me to do certain things for him during the day. I kept nodding and was like “um-hmm, okay” but I guess I had such monotone responses and such a vacant expression that finally he said gently, “And what did I ask you to find for me today?”

“The nail clippers,” I mumbled, literally struggling to keep my eyes open.
“And what else?”
“All your socks.”
“And was there anything else?”
“Right. Bye-bye then.”

I fell asleep after he left and didn’t wake up till past five. I really hope this crap stops, and soon. I mean, I had JUST gotten adjusted to that increased dose when last week’s bug or whatever it was decided to kick my butt. When I see my psychiatrist next I’m going to ask him what on earth am I supposed to do, med-wise, when I get tummy troubles and can’t keep anything down for days on end. You might recall that this became a huge issue back in February.

But there WILL be updates today. Not much but it’s something. I’m writing up the last one.

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