Select It Sunday: Charles Ulrich

This case was suggested by Justin almost two years ago: Charles Albert Ulrich, missing from Uhrichsville, Ohio since January 29, 1975. Uhrichsville is in northeast Ohio, more than a three-hour drive from the village where I grew up.

The day he vanished, Ulrich didn’t follow his morning routine, which involved making coffee and waking up his wife so she could watch her favorite TV show. Instead he apparently walked out of the house into stormy weather (a thunderstorm, not a snowstorm), without shutting the door behind him, and leaving everything behind including the family car.

Although Ulrich is said to have been a physically and mentally healthy man and at 62 he wasn’t exactly old, I wonder if he had some kind of mini-stroke or other episode that caused him to become confused and wander from home. But in that case, why wasn’t he located?

Whatever happened to Charles Ulrich in 1975, he’s definitely dead now — if still alive he’d be 104 at the end of this month.

I did a search and the archive has a few articles I’ll have to check out.