Make-a-List Monday: Young girls and older men

There are a lot of cases where a missing young girl, sometimes not even in her teens yet, “may be in the company of an adult male.” Occasionally — not often — I’ll have photos and information about her companion. In most of these cases, the girl ran off voluntarily with the man, at least to the extent that someone that age CAN do this “voluntarily”, and sometimes it’s classified as a runaway, sometimes as an abduction, it seems almost random to me. Anyway, I thought I’d do a list of those cases where I have information for the men.

  1. Reyna Gabriella Alvarado-Carrera, 13
  2. Vitia Cardosa, 12
  3. Diana Isabel Gonzalez, 14
  4. Veronica Emily Martinez, 14
  5. Elvia Morales, 14
  6. Mayra Guadalupe Sandoval, 12
  7. Isabeth Yanez, 12

And no, I have no idea why all the girls on this list are Hispanic. I’m sure white, black, Asian and Native American girls disappear under these circumstances too.